Just a few Bottles of the New Product Left!

Ok I kinda warned you we’d run out of the new Telokynase fast!

The whole Corona virus/influenza debacle accelerated the sales a lot faster than I could have anticipated. The side benefit of Telokynase is its anti-viral activity (see prior emails for details) as it was and is intended to lengthen your telomeres and help keep you younger and healthier longer! It actually has some other benefits we’ve seen in the lab as we do more and more extensive research but for now its Corona season and it was very fortuitous it arrived just a few days ago!

So, if you want to try a bottle or even get ready for next season now is the time because the introductory pricing is still on.

In the supplement version of wedding vows, “Act now or forever hold your peace!!!

Now in recognition that this product is expensive (discovered, self-funded and researched from start to finish by yours truly) I’d like to offer you an additional help to both prevent and treat the corona virus.

I am not kidding and I suspect the video that shows the details of the following has “gone viral” as well. Pun intended.

Get or break out one of your cheap small space heaters and place it at head height. Turn it on medium to high and stand with your face in front of it facing the heater. Don’t get so close that you get burned but be close enough that you are getting very very warm air on your face, sinus and throat.

Breath in for 5 minutes. If you are feeling like you already have the flu or Corona, repeat x5.

Respiratory viruses in general do very poorly in heat so by heating the air you breath in you are warming your sinuses and lungs exposing the virus to what it does not like.

Add that to anything else you are doing including Telokynase!

Stay well and hope for an early summer!


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