Police States, Social Isolation, Sanity and Sleep

I just had a conversation with a friend in the U.K. His 68-year-old aunt passed away of pneumonia just yesterday. AFTER she passed, they tested her for coronavirus and she was positive. After offering my sincere condolences, I asked a few questions about her health.

She had been on kidney dialysis for 5 years and had heart failure as well. She is however listed as a “Corona virus death” as are so many of the people with comorbid conditions.

When I was in medical school there was a phrase that we often heard, “Pneumonia is the old man’s friend!” pointing to the fact that older sicker people have weaker immune systems and are far more likely to get these kinds of illnesses.

Immunosenescense is not a diagnosis that exists in the medical parlance, only on the Anti-Aging vocabulary. But I assure you it is a real thing. Still his aunt is listed as a Corona virus death.

He also told me that on the Isle of Man an arrest was made for not maintaining social isolation and laws are in place allowing martial law to be enacted. Again, this is second had from my friend- I do not live there but it is interesting to hear about the potential.

Also interesting is the death toll in the U.K. and the U.S, is rising as it is in Italy. Here in the U.S. there have been over 5000 positive tests for Corona virus. There have been 50,000 negative tests. There have been 217 Corona virus deaths. My heart and sympathy go out to those who have lost loved ones to this virus but again I have to wonder how many were like my friend’s aunt- very sick and immunocompromised from many other co-morbidities yet still listed as Corona Virus deaths.

Last year’s Influenza estimates for the world: 640,000 deaths, 50 + million cases, 20 million medical visits and hospitalizations. But Corona virus is listed as the “worst public health crisis in recent history” by some media outlets and more than a few doctors. The unknown is always terrifying!

All kinds of conspiracy theories abound of course from governments to environmentalists to Mother Earth’s revenge. I am not well read enough to comment on any of that but I will give you my opinion.

Our understanding of immunology, especially viral immunology has exploded since the onset of widespread HIV back in 1980’s. Retrospectively it is thought this disease existed in the U.S. at least since the mid 1960’s and was of course never diagnosed then.

I suspect that there are many viruses that “hide” in the influenza season and have been doing so since time immemorial. We are just now acquiring the technology to diagnose them and the information technology to disseminate this information. I think this kind of thing has been going on all our lives right under our very noses. I think it has been going on since the beginning of civilization and before. Global travel has no doubt contributed but I honestly think at the very least local outbreaks of all kinds of viruses have existed since antiquity-unknown and undiagnosed.

Remember the rapid influenza test has only been around for a few years, and Sub-optimal test sensitivity, false negative results are common. We are told that the Corona virus test that seemed to be here the instant this virus hit does not cross react with other viruses.

I will say no more about it.

Now the good news about social isolation: it is likely to diminish the deaths from influenza for at least the later part of the 2020 season. Right now, we are approximating 45,000 deaths from influenza in the U.S. Potentially social isolation will save at least 20,000 lives from influenza but be advised these are likely to be the very old and infirm who will succumb to other things and sadly the very young.

The other good news is people are finding other ways to amuse themselves and take much better care of themselves and their loved ones, reconnecting with family through actual contact and not (anti) social media and reestablishing a sense of local community.

All very, very good.

And now, back to immunity and specifically YOUR immunity. I’ve told you about the putative anti-viral properties of Telokynase, now I want to address what I have called the most under-utilized anti-aging tool in your “staying young and healthy” tool box.


Yes, sleep is intimately involved in immunity, specifically topical immunity via the Immunoglobulin Ig A.

This by the way is the first line of defense in the mouth, nose, sinuses and upper respiratory tract- the exact same places where Corona virus and Influenza infect!!!! It is secreted by lymphoid tissue in these areas (antibody producing tissue) and effectively lines the “skin” of these areas to act as a first line of defense.

Even one night of poor sleep has been shown to reduce the amount and efficacy of IgA. Chronic Sleep deprivation (approximately 50% of Americans!) is even more damaging to the immune system.

I have been over and over “sleep hygiene” for the past 15 years including reducing the temperature in the bedroom, avoiding alcohol and eating, avoiding “screen time” and exercise for 60 minutes prior to sleep so I won’t go into detail again here!

I will remind you that if you saw yourself in any of the above descriptions including being anxious over the fate of yourself and your fellow man due to the current pandemic you should make sure to get a good night’s sleep every night.

If you’ve tried all the regular suggestions and they have failed, don’t resort to prescription addictive sleep drugs!!! Try Sweet Sleep Z instead.

IN addition to several different all-natural ingredients including melatonin, Theanine and GABA, it’s the only sleep support supplement with a built in anti-oxidant to support the chronobiology of repair in your body!

What the heck does that mean?! It means your body repairs itself primarily during sleep and that is one heck of a good time to boost your natural anti-oxidant defenses since this is when that challenge to your health is primarily met!!! Zeaxanthin is the anti-oxidant of choice for this in my book and that is exactly what I have put in my Sweet Sleep Z.

Again no one else has done this so it’s a Dr Dave original.

I am not going to lie to you! I did not know this pandemic was coming. But it just so happens by good fortune and smart preparation I am well equipped to handle it personally!

You can be too!

To Your Continued Great Health and a good nights rest!!!!

Dr Dave

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