COVID-19 Your Best Defense!

I would tell you not to panic, but it’s a little late for that. The magic of “take away” selling permeates the human mind and when there is artificial scarcity like toilet paper and water everyone is more or less forced to play the game…unless you own a paper mill.

I have no doubt that this virus will present a huge challenge to sick older people and people who are immunocompromised (the ultimate subject of this email!). As for the rest of us I am not nearly so concerned.

A couple of points: So far there has been no real deviation from the recipe of “who gets sick” and who dies. People under 70 who are not loaded with other comorbidities generally do pretty well. Younger patients who are sick with chronic illnesses mentioned in my other email (CHF, diabetes poorly controlled, respiratory compromise and immune compromise etc.) are high risk as they are with other viral illnesses like influenza.

It struck me as odd that a virus no one ever heard of 3 months ago came with a widely available TEST, right away, and there is already a vaccine in human testing. This is either the greatest triumph of modern medical history (YAY! Big Pharma!) or something else- just sayin’.

Back in the day when statin drugs were discovered there needed to be a test so you could sell them. The cholesterol test became wide spread right around the time I started practice in the late 80’s. It came with ready made drugs- statins that have sold 10’s of billions of dollars worldwide.

Gotta have the test first! Well it seems the unknown Corona virus had a test before or just about instantaneously upon its arrival. Go Figure!

With cholesterol, even though Big pharma had a test right away when the first drug Mevacor came out they spent hundreds of millions of dollars and about 28 years until they finally “proved” causation of heart diseasein SOME people with high cholesterol. Just saying’!

OK off the soap box and onto the virus!

Here are a couple of tips for you. This is not a wash your hands and avoid crowds email. That was the last email I wrote to you.

As far as survival and “prevention” If you get the virus and do not get sick (about 85% of people) you are out of the woods, that is until next season! Because who knows how horribly it will mutate and come back to reap those who survived the first go around so don’t “breathe too easy!” or too deeply! Oh and yeah watch for the magical almost impossibly fast vaccine and some anti-Corona drugs before you know it!

Rumor is they are adding some Ativan to the half of the vaccine it to combat the mass hysteria! IN a double blinded randomized controlled trial, the other half are getting amphetamines so the balance of calm and panic can be maintained* But, since it’s a blinded study you won’t know which one you got!

It appears there is little or no carrier state with this virus, at least not long term. If you remain healthy throughout your infection, (Ya know the one you DIDN’T know you had!) the chances you will kill someone by infecting them are pretty small! Keep in mind we are currently at 4100 “cases” diagnosed with the above magic test, and 78 deaths, in the high-risk populations, as of this writing. You will get this email a few days after I write it so the numbers may change a bit.

So why do they always mention the huge increase in the number of cases and keep a running tally?

It is far more terrifying to report “positive tests” because it shows how easily this (and many other) virus is spread. So, in the media look for huge increases in the number of people who were exposed and diagnosed. Keep in mind 85% or thereabouts have a very minor illness and possibly no symptoms to speak of.

Who knows how many people are asymptomatic!

How’s this for terror and panic! Right now, we could easily be at 10,000 or even 20,000 people walking around with no symptoms and not particularly likely to spread the disease before and or IF they become symptomatic. But they could be standing right next to you!

What scares you more? A number like 20,000 or a number like 78?!

So again, be advised not to panic, The Real Pandemic here is FEAR and the crazy things it makes people do because of it. Everything from panic attacks distracted driving, hoarding, violence, to marrying someone to avoid being alone in their old age (assuming they survive this pandemic)!

As far as taking care of yourself, NOW is the time. Everything grandma told you in addition to clean living- eat right limit alcohol don’t smoke get a good night’s sleep and buff up your nutrition and don’t lick door knobs, holds true!

Stress stresses your immune system so understand that if you “fight or flight” for the next couple of weeks your body will crank up cortisol, reduce your anabolic hormones (you can fight this with Super Male Max X and weaken your immune response increasing your risk. Same thing with lack of sleep.

Finally, here is the PUNCH LINE!!!

Your best defense against getting really sick is a STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM! This holds true with any virus, any stress, any surgery, any accident, any emotional or physical disaster! Only the STRONG survive is really true here- or at least only the normal survive!

I just introduced my brand new Telokynase stem cell stimulant and telomerase activator on the site. It is a telomerase activator with immune boosting properties and some anti- viral effects although we did not test it in respiratory viruses like COVID-19. The reason you did not hear about it before was the first batch sold out in 18 hours after being offered to previous telomerase activator customers. They gobbled it up!

We made a bigger batch this time (3-6 months lag time first come first served no continuity subscription or back orders allowed yet!) but that is selling so fast there may be 50 or so bottles available for the rest of my audience!

This project was created by me, developed and researched by me and funded by me and one of my best customers (Thanks Greg!)! So it ain’t cheap.

I cannot tell you it will prevent any virus or treat same, only that in the ones we tested it worked to clear viral load very fast, and that I am taking it every damn day-!!! In my humble opinion if you want to max out your chances, this is a must.

At least grab a bottle while I still have some to send you because the one a day dose for 30 days (30 caps in a bottle) will get you into the virus killing warmer weather. Then again 8 months from now, here we go again, and there are other viruses out there.

I can use the old line from the radio show “The Shadow”. “Who knows what evil lurks.

If that is way out of your price range and you do not feel you would benefit from longer telomeres and a potentially stronger immune system (T-Cell mediated) the here are 2 inexpensive tips.

Oil of Oregano I use Won with Nature brand. Tell Sean Dr Dave sent you!

And, Elderberry Extract. I used to sell a (virus) killer black elderberry capsule called simply Immune Booster and its active ingredient was as or more potent than drugs at stopping influenza. I won’t get into the reasons why we no longer carry it but I think elderberry extract is a great substitute.

But of course, I’d strongly recommend you pick up at least one bottle (one month’s supply 30 caps) of Telokynase or if you cannot afford that then this.

FDR said of the Great Depression, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…

For reference 7 million people are said to have died of starvation from 1929-36, Millions and millions more died from malnutrition and stress related illnesses and many survivors suffered long term deterioration to their physical and mental health. That was a real pandemic!!!!!

Remember the tips above and consider Telokynase!!!! But act fast because if you blink it will be gone like last time!

To YOUR Health,

Dr Dave

*I hope you know I am jesting!

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