Fish Oil and Flu I could Hardly believe this!!

Much has been made about both the similarities and differences between COVID-19 and Influenza. The general medical gestalt is don’t you dare make analogies between the two. They are very very different!

In other words, if you want to look stoopid as a doctor you might start pointing some of those similarities out.

Here are a few: both viruses are encapsulated. Both originated in China which becomes the yearly source and presumably the future source of both. Both kill lots of people although we have never tested, surveilled, or had this many tests for a virus as we have had for COVID. More often than not, even with the advent of the RapidFlu test people are “clinically diagnosed” and told “You have the flu”.

In one case the test cross reacts with other viruses (flu) in another the test is “perfect” (COVID-19). Really!

Corona virus seems at this juncture to kill the same “types” of people as Influenza, namely the elderly and sick. In both cases according to me you die of immune dysfunction as mentioned in my prior emails.

Covid appears to be more contagious. While buried in the mix, the flu stats are still updated and indicated that this year flu is hitting children and young adults and as opposed to COVID-19, killing young children. IN the U.S. there were 7 pediatric influenza deaths this week alone. There were 3 pediatric deaths in 2 months from COVID-19.

I have highlighted some of the differences and similarities because most of the articles I found on the protective effect of fish oils were the result of studies on influenza not COVID-19. I point this out as a matter of scientific completeness, but personally I think everything I am about to tell you applies to the pandemic as well as the epidemic.

Oh yeah, the epidemic. Buried in this week’s new was the fact that pneumonia deaths attributed to influenza hit 8.2%, and is now above the epidemic threshold.

Ok on to fish oil and what it might do for you or someone you love.

First Fish Oil is the source of something called Resolvins and Protectins aptly named. These are in the cell, often in the nucleus of the human cell. Resolvins inhibit inflammation there and protect DNA and other extra nuclear structures.

Protectins do a lot of things but in this case the main thing is the prevent the export of viral DNA from the nucleus of the infected cell and the extra nuclear machinery. Viruses hijack cellular machinery to reproduce. This actually can reduce or stop the virus from ever getting out of an infected cell and reduce or stop the spread.

This is one big way to prevent viral infections from taking over the body.

Another way is to prevent the attachment of the virus to the human host cell. This is where classic anti-viral drugs work. Ask any doc whose used them and they will tell you the results are “disappointing”! Elderberry extract often works as well or better!

I mentioned we are running low on fish oil. We expect a temporary stock out this week or next but we still have some. Just sayin’!

Back to fish oil and flu like illnesses. Here is a direct quote from one of the articles referenced below.

“Influenza A viruses are a major cause of mortality. Given the potential for future lethal pandemics, effective drugs are needed for the treatment of severe influenza such as that caused by H5N1 viruses. Using mediator lipidomics and bioactive lipid screen, we report that the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA)-derived lipid mediator protectin D1 (PD1) markedly attenuated influenza virus replication via RNA export machinery.”

Might wanna stock up while we have it. I am still taking at least 6 a day.

Now back to Covid again.

One of the ways that COVID-19 kills is by blunting the already blunted immune system of the elderly with other co morbid conditions. This ability is part of its capsular structure and it allows the virus to hide longer in susceptible individuals. Once viral replication takes and the system gets saturated the virus causes the equivalent of “septic shock” a specific and often deadly response to an infecting agent.

In a very real sense, the virus (and many causes of sepsis) ambush the body with a huge viral load that is seen as an “all of a sudden” event because of the stealthy abilities of the virus. There is a lag time in the immune response so that the virus is all over the place by the time the body (immune system) sees it!

Then the body has an “OH Shxt!” moment and releases everything under the sun it can to fight the infection to a point of actually dooming itself with a “cytokine storm”. This massive release of inflammatory chemicals and dead and dying viral particles causes the lungs to shut down and fail (ARDS common in the deadly cases of COVID-19) and multiple organ system dysfunction, where the rest of the body shuts down and few survive this!

A researcher named Chen has shown significant reduction in death, ventilation and hospital stay of septic shock and ARDS patients (see below) by using “IV Fish oil” e.g. intravenous Omega 3 fatty acids!

But of course, that is too low tech. Today we have to medically masturbate with all of the incredibly expensive high tech and often toxic Mab’s (monoclonal antibodies) that our dear friends at Big Pharma have bestowed upon us. While I am in my betting mode, I’d bet those results are “disappointing” as well!

Here is something I can pretty much guarantee: Given the elderly and sick nature of most of the COVID-19 mortalities, I’d be willing to bet their Omega 6/3 ratios are highly tilted towards inflammation. GEEZ that wouldn’t set you up for a cytokine storm induced death would it!!!! I would even go so far as to say this ratio should be looked at and corrected in all high-risk patients including younger patients who are sick with this virus.

Bottom line: Take your fish oil and keep taking it!!!!

And if you want a boost to your immune system, we still have a few of the buy 2 get 3 Immortality Edge Packs left. This might be the last time I can offer it, we’re down to the bare minimum of supply here.

Telokynase is on back order since last week and will not arrive until June but the first come first served backorder list is growing rapidly so you might want to get in on that now.

There are so many other ways to protect yourself… look for another one coming late this week from yours truly!!!

Stay safe, Stay Strong and Stay Well so we can all come out and play when this is over!

Dr Dave

PS- My apologies for my distinctly non-medical and simplified descriptions of ARDS and MOSF(D). IN no way do I wish to belittle the scientific contributions of the many researchers and doctors who are expert in these areas by making them understandable to the lay public!


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