Thank You Everybody and Their Sister and Brother!

First there is a special offer buried in this email at the end so if you are looking for a bargain it’s at the end!

Right About Now you’ve probably gotten a note, an email or a text from everyone on the planet telling you how they support you through the Covid-19 crisis.

On my end, most of the retail outlets I shop at, the grocery stores, the airlines, eBay, all the SM, and several politicians, laundry facilities, hobby stores, music stores and so forth have all told me they stand by me in the COVID-19 crisis.

I have harped on you about this not being quite the crisis that it has been made out to be by constantly updating you on the influenza season. The death rate for Influenza is hovering at 7.3% which is 0.2% less than it would have to be to be called “epidemic”.

I also remind you that the word pandemic means: the rapid, wide, spread of a new virus. It does not imply the disease or death burden of that virus. That is an ass u mp tion! Not a necessary fact.

So here we are watching our strings being pulled. I am seeing morbidly obese people who do not exercise, eat right or manage their stress in any way other than eating wearing a mask. I hope that makes up for the rest of your life style! But it is not without merit as that individual is indeed at higher risk.

My bottom line for you is how you get through this is determined by how you came into it. The case of the 27-year-old ultramarathoner who got Covid got tons of airplay since he was so young! Ever watch the Tour de France? Each year about 20 of those athletes drop out because they are over trained and zapped their immune system! Same with ultramarathoners. That by the way is one of the reasons I stopped doing that sport in 2012! It just ain’t healthy for some body/personality types!!!

So if you went into this eating right, exercising regularly and within reason, sleeping welland managing your stress, I guarantee you, you will get through it and pop out the other side in great shape ready for the next “crisis”. Just a word of note about Sweet Sleep Z – after today it will very likely be on back order, if you want it now is the time to grab one of the last few bottles.

Your Immune System is the center force of your longevity, your health and your ability to adapt to whatever crisis Mother Nature and the News Media concoct for you.

The advice we are given now including social isolation should probably be practiced every year simply based on the influenza virus and the not so great track record of its vaccination. I am not disappointed to see this virus take less of a toll on us even if we assign the ultimate danger to Covid.

I make two products that are immune support agents, telokynase and the Immortality Edge packs.

At last count we had less than 10 Telokynase left, and a larger but still limited supply of the Immortality Edge Packs. So, I am putting the latter on special buy 2 get one free while they last.

Aging, Healing, Repairing, and fighting off viruses and cancer all require a strong healthy responsive Immune System.

I would love to see everybody and their brother AND Sister get through this crisis unscathed. Then we will have so much to talk about in a lot of more fun topics when things settle down in a few weeks.

Stay Young, Stay Strong, Stay Healthy and don’t forget to relax and have fun every day!!!

Dr Dave

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