The Panicdemic and Vitamin Scarcity

Today’s news is a bit inconvenient at best.

First please try to remember I had nothing to do with the current Covid-19 situation. I did not know it was coming. My recollection is no one was supposed to know but somehow, we have a widespread test available everywhere. Maybe it’s just coincidence. The genome for the virus was revealed in January but positive tests were seen in China in December. It’s a global economy!

That being said it turns out that we were running low on a lot of our most popular products and, Telokynase was delivered a week ago smack dab in the middle of this panicdemic.

Recall I mentioned some of the anti-viral properties of the molecule but I want to stress I am making no claims on anything. I’m just telling you what we found in terms of rapid viral clearing of intracellular parasite type viruses of the EBV and CMV ilk.

These viruses are different than the respiratory viruses we are now facing but they can certainly be an issue for anyone’s immune system who has or has had them. Shingles (not tested) is an example of what can happen when this type of virus reactivates.

Ok now onto some other things I did not anticipate.

In speaking with 2 or 3 other formulators who are in the supplement business they have told me there is a “global run” on vitamins for obvious reasons! Now this is like so many other things very hard for me to validate and is second hand info.

So, please do not panic!

Still we are experiencing a big uptick in sales right now and it is taxing our supplies. We are on back-order for several of my supplements and approaching critical on others. But we did place orders 1-2 weeks before the pandemic hit so it is likely that we will have supplies again by mid-April to early May depending on the compounds and of course unforeseen issues with raw material availability.

I use one lab, have one chief scientist and control pretty much everything so that helps as well!

Here is where we are at:

Young Life Daily, our anti-aging multi is currently on back order. We always put back enough for our continuity/subscription customers so don’t worry if you are due some. It will come on time. If you are not on continuity/subscription, now would be a really good time to consider it since we forecast that need first and fill that need first. It makes sense of you are using the products regularly and in the face of what appears to be more viral threats in the offing creating this type of demand.

We expect the next shipment by the 2nd or 3rd week in April so if you want to back order here is the link.

We are rapidly running out of my Super Potent Fish Oil. It’s not gone but its getting close. Again, if you are on continuity/subscription your supply is safe (at least under the current situation). It will be on back order within a week of you reading this unless our next order (due mid-April) comes sooner than expected. Logistically that is unlikely but it has happened before.

Bottom line if you are running low or just want the best fish oil on the planet order here.

Finally, Sweet Sleep Z is almost gone as a result of the email I wrote a few days ago. Back orders should be filled in April, but we’re not there yet. If you want this, you need to stock up now.

Again, I am truly sorry for the inconvenience but again we did luck out in our ordering patterns so the wait should be in the 4 to 6-week range.

Unlike Telokynase, I do not keep a large personal stock of any of these others except fish oil. Telokynase will also most likely be gone from my personal stash as I opened that bit up yesterday for those who want it. I’ll keep you posted!!!!

We can all get through this together and when its all said and done, I have a strong feeling we will all know better for next time and come out stronger and better than ever.

It pays to safeguard your health!!!

Dr Dave

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