When You Have This, You Have it All

There are some amazing up sides to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Yesterday our governor mandated the closure of all non-essential businesses to help reinforce social isolation and reduce viral spread.

I have never seen so many people out walking, playing with their children, riding bikes and jogging in my neighborhood as I did yesterday. Far from being bored, I saw people out taking care of a precious commodity, their health.

I saw them getting outside in the fresh air and if not interacting with each other, at least acknowledging each other in community.

Getting out into the fresh air even on what is the end of winter is something people used to do all the time when I was a kid. Ironically being sequestered in your house can turn toxic very fast. I will cover this and what to do about the indoor pollution situation with “The Godfather of Essential Oils” Miguel Cisneros in a podcast we just finished. So stay tuned for that super important info.

All of the above led me to realize I have everything!!!

I am not super wealthy but I have enough. I tend to give a lot of what I have to others for that reason.

I am not super smart but I am smart enough! And I am and have always been blessed to have brilliant people come into my life whenever I needed them and spoon feed me what I need to know. They have made much of what I do far simpler, far faster, and far better.

I am not an Adonis but my body never let’s me down, heals from every insult and in my sixth decade is stronger, leaner, more flexible and faster than it ever was!

I love what I do and it contributes to not only my health and wellness, but the same for everyone who chooses to listen to me and do as do and take what I take.

I have changed the face of humanity already in this life time with my words and the dissemination of my knowledge. I know this because I hear and see my words and thoughts and actions manifesting in the lives of many, many others.

Above all else I have my health. Because of what I do, the actions I take, the supplements I make and take and the research I have “guinea pigged” myself into- I am healthier than ever with no sign of slowing down, doing less, choosing less, making less or being less. Many of you reading this will realize that you have benefitted in this way as well.

How blessed am I to do what I love and be able to share it with you?! These current uncertain times need not frighten you or me because we Have our Health.

“If you Have Your Health, You Have Everything!!!”

Thank you for helping me help you!!! Thank you for your support and encouragement and your words over these several decades that I have pioneered Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. It would be a longer, lonelier road without you!!!

Finally, an answer to a question we have been getting a lot of!!! Do we have any Telokynase left?

The answer was “No” until I wrote this and realized how much it matters during this viral season to support your health.

With all of the stuff I make I sequester a fair amount for my own personal use and that of my loved ones. I realized I have enough to get through until the next batch is done, and I have confirmed with my scientists in our lab that we have shortened the manufacture time with each batch that we make while continuing to purify the molecule.

So, I am releasing my “personal stock” for you if you missed the regular offering. It’s not a ton of the product but it will help fill the demand that has been astronomical because of the flu pandemic!!!

Again, with deep Appreciation for YOU and what you have allowed me to do in this lifetime!

Stay Well, Stay Young, Stay Strong, Live Fearlessly, and help those you can along the way to do the same!

Dr Dave

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