Can You Make Old Cells New Again?!

The Short answer is “Yes” as a recent study demonstrated. Stem Cells from a 114 year old woman were subjected to genetic manipulation that resulted in longer telomeres resetting the biology of those cells into pretty much brand new.

The process involved creating induced pluripotent stem cells iPSC, from the aged cells. Similar experiments were done on younger sets of cells each with the same result; the cells became young again.

Now many of you know I am part of a stem cell clinic in Mexico. We do NOT use iPSC in our patients because of the potential for tumor formation. We do use them in research of course. The cells that we use are newborn Mesenchymal Stem Cells and exosomes derived from those cells as well.

You can find similar in my Facial Rejuvenation Serum.

The goal of these studies is to determine why supercentenarians (people over 110) live that long and are disease resistant. As you might have guessed telomere length has a lot to do with it.

As a matter of fact, telomerase activators have been shown to in some cases reduce cancer burden (in the lab) and increase the T-cell mediated immune response.

This has been one of the main causes of the run on Telokynase we recently experienced during this viral pandemic. I did not plan any of this, it just happened that way and as I have mentioned we make no medical claims of prevention, diagnosis, anti-viral treatment etc. etc.

But I continue to make sure I have a personal stock and take it every single day as do the people I love and care about (at least those who want my help and care!).

If you cannot afford Telokynase, this is a good second best and can be used along with Telokynase.

Telomeres and their health remain the main focus of the Anti-Aging Movement if not the only one.

More and more studies continue to link healthy telomeres and stable long telomeres with better health and longevity.

I am glad I am at the center of this storm and happy you are with me!!!!

Dr Dave

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