For information about the Covid vaccine please visit the website of the CDC (cdc.gov).

You may be tired of hearing this but these are challenging times.

I have to tell you that of the challenged people in this world, doctors are at the top of the list as well as health care professionals and providers in general.

Even though I stepped away from clinical medicine and focus on research writing and coaching as part of my supplement passion, I still have a lot of friends and colleagues who are (or were!) doctors.

Never in the history of medicine has there been such a migration of people away from health care. Then again, I’m not sure this is a metric that was ever really looked at that closely!

I read an interesting article written in a mainstream medical outlet (you know the kind that are supported by Big Pharma!) claiming it was all due to Covid.

In this article doctors, nurses and other health professionals/providers were supposedly frustrated with caring for unvaccinated people who were getting sick and dying – fighting their care until their last breath. At least in this article no one claimed to have heard “I wish I had the jab!” as the last words of a patient, as one prior article pointed out.

If I had or do die of covid I will not be saying those words. I will be thanking those who love me and asking for forgiveness for the people I may have hurt and the things I’ve done wrong, forgiving the people who’ve wronged me and thanking the Lord above for a magical life!!! And looking forward to spiritually seeing my loving parents, grandparents and my brother again. I will not have remorse for my choices and decisions however!!!

Then again as I have been told many times, not everyone is as fortunate as me!

Ok back to the article on why people are leaving medicine!

Here they interviewed a few docs and nurses and supposedly the compassion was gone and the energy sapped and burn out had set in because people were resistant to the pressure of vaccination.

If your compassion is gone, you should leave clinical medicine.

Of note all the docs and nurses were completely on board with all the mandates and recommendations for increased vaccinations including in young people who basically don’t get sick.

One published study claimed a 98% efficacy at preventing hospitalization in 18-25 year olds. Oddly 99.5% of this group do not get sick enough if they are infected to actually be hospitalized. Go figure.

Similarly, the divisive label “antivaxxer” has been applied to anyone who does not get the vaccine whether they have Covid or not. While Covid is not the flu I never recall recommending anyone who had the flu to rush out and get vaccinated once, or twice, or maybe even 3 times afterwards as is the current direction we are heading.

But it’s a novel virus.

I have actually been labeled “antivaxxer” and received some “gentle reminders” from a sanctioning board to stay in line or face the consequences.

Again, oddly I never said I was against the vaccine and that people should not get it. I said I am waiting from more data for my personal action, and have already had covid. In addition, I have had vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, polio, Hep B DPT and DT when the vaccine failed and I got adult Pertussis 10 years ago (not fun!) and during the busiest years of my clinical practice, multiple flu shots. I also keep current with Tetanus.

By my count that is 8 individual and several repetitive vaccines. But I am called an antivaxxer. I guess I am just not “woke” to this topic!

Of note many of those illnesses are considered childhood diseases. Covid is not but we apparently will soon be vaccinating young children for it.

In addition, at least one large study released in August showed that natural immunity was superior to vaccine induced immunity. Several prominent physicians reiterated that statement. Then that all went radio silent very fast and you do not hear it at all. Now vaccine induced immunity is superior again because the vaccine is “polyvalent”.

To my knowledge the current vaccines were released before any variants were detected. Using influenza as a comparison, polyvalent vaccines are indeed very common. Unless things have changed the immunologically, researchers identify what they consider to be likely points of mutation and add what is needed to cover those possibilities. This takes place before the variants are identified of course.

In previous years using influenza as a prototype RNA virus, the track record of predicting mutations has been less than stellar. RNA viruses mutate a lot, so you can expect a lot of variations in the them!

And, in a tricky piece of mental manipulation articles on the web have been coming out with headlines like “Thousands of fully vaccinated people have died in the past 2 weeks!” Then a few lines in when you read the information it is very quickly pointed out that many more unvaccinated people have died. Clever but not new: use a scary controversial headline naysaying and use it against the dissenters hopefully roping in people who are on the fence and maybe converting a few people who were against what you are saying.

Other headlines indicate huge surges in covid cases in Northeaster states where cold weather is implicated. But no other virus has ever been tracked on going year-round to prove that it actually is not a cold weather virus. Indeed, Mervs and Sars Cov-1 were more prevalent in warm weather. And yes, it’s not mentioned much but there was a Sars Cov, predating this pandemic by several years and said to be the fore runner of the current version 2.0 The headlines go on to say that unless other states attain higher vaccination rates, we could be all wind up “looking like Florida” where more people die of covid every day than anywhere else in the country.

Have you ever been to Florida and looked at the age/infirmity demographic there?!

Also, certain countries with warmer weather like Israel seem to be having a huge resurgence of covid and are now vaccinating children 5-11 years old in an effort to stop the spread. Some of the differences, especially in severity and hospitalization are attributed to “differences in reporting”. They use a different threshold than we do here apparently. This also causes confusion as does the huge variation in reporting standards in general.

And lately, more and more headlines suggesting that anti-body titers cannot be used to define immunity. You may have antibodies present but not be immune. Apparently, we don’t know which ones actually neutralize the virus and how much each person needs as the tests are not designed to point that out. And honestly, scientists simply don’t know! We also don’t know how long the antibodies last and apparently how many vaccinations we are all supposed to get to achieve immunity. The number seems to be going up.

The truth is Immunolgy is not really a science. This is because every single human has a different cellular, cytokine, stem cell and stress response to both virus and vaccine. There is science in the way vaccines are developed but a lot can happen once it enters the human body that is less predicatable.

But the vaccines are no longer considered experimental and have passed all tests for safety and efficacy. For information about the covid Sars 2 vaccines go to CDC.gov.

While you are at it look at the recommendations for influenza because although influenza was said to have taken a break last year it looks to come back with a vengeance this year. Are you prepared??

There is nothing I hate more than the mass manipulation of the population by fear.

On the bright side this winter is supposed to be milder in many areas of the US due to La Nina 😊

So here is my personal winter season routine based on trying to keep my immune system healthy.

Immune Booster: 2-4 a day depending on whether I am traveling to Mexico as I often do. Mexico is like Israel a level 3 Covid threat and the advisory states that all travelers should be fully vaccinated but all travelers even fully vaccinated are at risk of getting and spreading Cov-Sars 2 variants.

Telokynase 2 a day.

Toco Q 4-6 a day this is a dose increase for the virus season!

I also use the wonderful essential oil we developed for the mask inserts. In case you are wondering, I WAS NOT wearing it during the Yoga retreat where I contracted Covid. Silly me!!!

Now finally back to burn out.

At the risk of going against the program and the agenda to drive up inflation and redistribute the wealth, control and power in this and other countries to Big Pharma and other Big International Business and IT, I’d like to offer an alternative explanation for burnout in medical professionals and for the mass leaving of doctors and nurses from medicine.

Like all humans we have a threshold for abuse. The abuse from sick patients is indeed as noted above hugely trying. But so is the endless lack of real information, the continued variance of policy, the not exactly transparent reporting of data and the endless fear mongering and the deliberate obfuscation of what is going on in the background that surrounds this current situation. It takes a toll on everyone and has never been seen before like this. Rapidly and forcefully belief systems are being destroyed, This would include the belief systems that brought many people into the calling of healing and health care! Confidence in science and the government are being questioned and things are being rammed down people’s throats “for your safety and the safety of everyone”. We have been here before and it will continue.

After all it IS a novel virus (except for Covid Sars 1).

YOU need to take care of your Immune System now more than ever. If anything, our personal responsibility and our ability to maintain our personal choices rest with each of us as individuals. Your beliefs are YOUR choice and must always dictate your behavior. Personally, I would recommend a healthy dose of skepticism and follow the money!

As for the virus. It is endemic and will eventually infect everyone no matter how many or how much vaccine we have. That is why oral medicines are in development. Vaccines do not prevent infection. They allow your body to respond faster and better – in some cases.

In terms of antivaxxer, I personally feel that based on the data, if you are sick, over 65, or both the data would indicate that vaccines do indeed save lives and reduce the death rate. Key word being reduce. A lot of people will die who are fully vaccinated and a lot of people who are fully vaccinated will spread the virus. So please understand this is now an endemic virus and everyone will eventually be exposed.

As far as mandates I wish we had focused much harder on the 65 and older group since this is where really meaningful numbers can be achieved for reduction in death and hospitalizations. Of note I am rapidly approaching that group!

We have been told we are all in this together. It is now a crime to spread misinformation about Cov-Sars 2 vaccines and presumably all vaccines. Pfizer alone has made 36 billion so far from this vaccine and forecasting 29 billion for the coming year. And they are protected by medical authorities, sanctioning boards and other organizations because they are poor weak and unable to defend themselves. Except perhaps via lobbies?! Go to CDC.gov for more information about the vaccines.

I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and reassure you that in spite of what I honestly feel is a manufactured fear-based chaos that has allowed some individuals to profit hugely while others languish because of the “reset”, your own health and resiliency can and will triumph.

I am here to help with those attributes, so as always Stay Tuned! I also remain eternally optimistic for the good things that will and are coming no matter what we are being sold as our future.

Happy Thanksgiving! If you shift your perspective just a bit you will see a ton of things to be thankful for.

I wish that for you along with perfect health!

Dr Dave

For information about the Covid vaccine please visit the website of the CDC, CDC.gov

For more information on how to keep your sanity turn of the TV, reduce screen time, avoid large amounts of social media and ignore main stream media and use the time to improve yourself.

Viz a viz that last statement remembers the next mentorship programs will be announced over the Winter Holidays!

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