The Role of Inflammation in Brain Injury & Covid Sars 19-2

I have watched with greatest interest the slowly evolving admission that our current virus Covid Sars-19-2 causes brain injury in a much higher proportion than prior viruses. The explanation, one which covers everything is, “It’s a novel virus!” This means we’ve never seen it before so it’s “allowed” to do things very differently than other viruses and behave like nothing that we can make sense of.

But in fact we have seen something like it before in Covid Sars 19 version 1 several years ago. This virus was neither particularly virulent nor exceptional deadly. Few people know it even existed. But that virus and the current one only shares 79% of their genomes. It’s common for viruses to morph and mutate. That amount of genetic variation seems very high to me especially when it appears in the arena of gain of function!

But hey I’m no virologist – yet!

That said viruses are “optimized” to evolve rapidly selecting those that are likely to survive at a higher rate. Survival does not always mean killing the host however! As a matter of fact, if bats are indeed the natural vector of this virus, they do not get sick and die from it.

That variation is explained by the term zoonosis- an animal disease that infects people as a “side benefit”

I can currently say no more about this situation lest the evil eye of the overlords focuses upon me yet again!

I will tell you that I was not happy with the long term CNS effects of my covid infection. While the physical aspects of it were mostly a temporary inconvenience there were longer lasting affects on short term memory, brain fog, and mood. The physical part died down after a week but I spent a good deal of August at less than 100% mental capacity.

This is probably due to the slower and less efficient mechanisms of brain repair.

I’m happy to say that in a true “Physician heal thyself” manner I came upon with something that will be hugely helpful to pretty much anyone who has this problem and in point of fact a great nootropic for the rest of us.

But here is the punch line: it’s not ready for prime time. Its still in the testing phase and since I didn’t actually invent it, my genius friends did they may not be willing to use it for this purpose, at least not at first.

Fortunately, there are other protocols I am developing with or without this compound depending on when and if my colleagues want to play ball in this arena.

I plan on visiting a neurosurgeon for just such purposes and doing some SPECT scanning of my brain before and after.

All this takes time however so what can you do if you are in this boat right now!

You can do the same things you would do for cognitive enhancement with my products.

There are 3 of them:

Fish Oil readily crosses the blood brain barrier and has direct anti-inflammatory effects on the brain. Did I mention that the inflammatory effects on the brain are what are causing the symptoms and the imbalances in the neurotransmitters. That is a complicated but well researched subject in other brain diseases so it definitely applies here. One comment- it is not just DHA as many would have you believe that can cross. EPA crosses as well and is converted into DHA while the EPA that remains in the body below does its thing there. You need both!!!

Telokynase. As a telomerase activator and immune modulator it has effects on the immune system balance in toto. The repair of damaged telomeres and the extension of shorter ones can add both health and longevity to the cells which in turn makes them more effective. This is especially true of the immune cells. Now we are not 100% sure that this compound crosses the blood brain barrier even though it’s a small molecule. But we are sure that there are trans barrier effects of similar compounds that while they may not cross, do signal events on the “other side” the brain side to change.

Finally, Brain Force 1. This is primarily a focusing agent and a foil to excess “neuroexcitatory” brain chemicals. Those of you who remember Russell Blalock the retired renegade neurosurgeon from Newsmax with remember the potential poisonous role of excitatory neurotoxins.

In short, brain inflammation impairs memory, learning and mood by altering the normal balance of neurotransmitters and the firing of specific brain pathways.

Naturally I am guinea pigging all this stuff and I can tell you its worked wonders not only to clear brain fog and short term memory loss but to actually super charge my brain more than ever.

You can’t keep a good guinea pig down!

The implications go far beyond this little experiment with the virus.

I’ll keep you posted but, in the meantime, buy some runway!

Stay sharp!

Dr Dave

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