The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Are You feeling it yet?

The Holiday buzz is starting to rise and people are beginning to celebrate the season of giving and joy.

My prediction is that for some at least, this will be one of the best Christmas’s ever. The tensions and contrast of the previous difficult year will be at least temporarily left aside because people NEED HOPE and Celebration.

In keeping with that those of you who’ve been with me for a while know that December is traditionally a huge month for us and this year will be NO Different “NO MATTER WHAT” (Badfinger 1970).

Specials, sales, and of course the as promised affordable user friendly coaching for all that will be coming in just a few weeks.

Bottom Line: Don’t Blink!!!

Now there is a down side. Think of it this way – Yin and Yang. Life would not be without contrast. So here are some predictions from the clairvoyant mind of DR D!

The early part of the year will be especially difficult. More hidden and obfuscated things will be revealed and pushed as certain forces become more and more desperate to influence the behaviors of you and I.

“They” will fail but not without a fight and unfortunately not without traumatizing and in some cases causing some exits. Sorry but that is what I see. I can tell you the truth about the reasons will not be told. It will be hidden and obfuscated to try to maintain control. It will fail but the pound of flesh will be extracted.

Here is how to make sure it will not be YOUR FLESH.

  1. Make hay while the sun shines. No matter what or how good times are there is a fractal nature to life. Good/bad, abundant/not so abundant, worry free, worrisome. Anticipate expect plan as necessary but don’t dwell. Hard times don’t last good and hard people do.
  2. Protect the ones you love! I am not going to espouse my feelings on what to do with some major issues or I will be removed from the internet or worse. But I can tell you what I will do.

Starting here:

Be present in your celebrations. Too many of us get ahead of ourselves thinking about what we need to be doing next and thus our minds are not with those people and things they should be. Daily meditation with that intention helps!

Keep your routines in eating and exercise intact!!! The + or – 10% rule applies. Eat/drink no more than 10% above what you would and when not partying reduce it by 10%.

Exercise even more regularly that you do especially on days when you are partying. 30 minutes daily of moderate intensity trumps 1-hour intense 3x a week over the next 6 week period I promise you.

And now my Holiday supplement routine:

  1. The Energy Pack
  2. Minimum 6 Fish Oil *a day
  3. Telokynase 2 a day. We just got a fresh batch in for the Holidays! It is the improved 2.0 version with the microencapsulation and the additional compound.
  4. Immune Boost 2.0
  5. I still use the Wellness kit masks with the essential oils. Nothing beats a little extra safety and we are told influenza is back with a vengeance this season after almost completely disappearing!

The Joy of the Holidays should NOT be missed. That emotion alone will help keep you well!


DR Dave

*We WILL run out of fish oil again this year but we are Told by our suppliers it is not going to be for more than a few short weeks. All new orders of cases are currently being back ordered, hopefully to be delivered in February. We are still shipping out for our subscription customers of course!

Also, finally since everything from labels and caps as well as all the raws are going up, we are going to raise prices. I am sorry about this. I do not control economic policies any more than I control the pandemics used to create them. I refuse to profit from this – we are only raising the prices as much as they are being raised on us!

And finally, some of the raws have gotten unconscionably expensive so one or 2 products will be discontinued (Sweet Sleep & Male Max) unless and until that situation goes back to the “old normal” Don’t hold your breath!!!

But don’t worry, I am a creative lad and will find ways to stay ahead of the BS. Join me in the upcoming coaching so I can share my secrets!

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