Fish Oil Lowers Resting Heart Rate- The Native Americans were Right

A well known Native American Adage is that you only get so many heart beats. You can hasten your death by hastening your heart rate or slow it down by doing the opposite.

Ironically (or maybe not!) modern science has confirmed just that. Now the key feature is you DO NOT have to have a resting heart rate above “normal” to benefit.

A recent study showed that fish oil may lower resting heart rate from 73 to 68 beats per minute or 5 beats a minute in normal health people who are considered to have healthy hearts.

While the actual number of lives saved by this mechanism is unclear it is estimated at over 6% reduction in sudden cardiac death. The dose required is relatively low for this specific effect because it seems to act on your fight or flight nervous system.

A reminder that over 18 years ago the GISSI study showed an almost 30% reduction in all cause mortality at a dose of between 2-3 grams a day.

I will still tell you, you should aim for an Omega 6/3 ratio of greater than 60% and this will take the average person between 4 and 6 grams of my Super Potent Fish Oil every day.

But the good news is a little is better than none and some is better than a little and so forth.
Now beware! Given the rapid tendency for Big Pharma and some of my anti-aging colleagues to still cling to drugs for all salvation, watch out for a recommendation for low dose Beta Blockers as a way to achieve this very same effect.

If you don’t mind impotence, light headedness and lethargy with blunted exerciser performance go ahead and do the typical MD thing.

ME? I ‘ll stick with fish oil and a bit of ancient wisdom!!!!


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