Faster Stronger Younger and Better Part 1- The Lost Art of Prevention

To Quote Daniel Craig in one of the more recent James Bond movies, “Youth is no guarantee of innovation!”

I was thinking about this after I read an article that predicts that super intelligent machines (designed no doubt by youthful engineers) will soon replace Cardiologists and allow us to predict heart attacks within a few weeks of their “due date” allowing much more accuracy and saving many more lives.

I am all for it but I have to wonder what kind of malpractice those machines will have to carry or whether as always, the human doctor will bear the ultimate responsibility for the wrong decision even if it’s made by a machine.

Perhaps the most enlightening statement of this article was and I paraphase, half the fatal heart attacks in men and 2/3 rds fatal heart attacks in women are occur without symptoms.

Couple this with the long term upcoming blood pressure recommendations of 110/60 and everyone should have a cholesterol less than 200 total no matter what the make up and the risks and you can see where this is going.

More drugs and more interventions.

I would have a lot more faith in all this if it weren’t for the bevy of drugs pulled off the market for hurting and killing people, cancer death rates exactly the same as in 1970 and the use of mitochondrial toxins like metformin and resveratrol as “anti-aging drugs”.

Most of these things are going to go the way of “evidence based medicine” and die a quiet death because we will find that the machine will only be as good as the person programing and frankly we are in the dark about a lot of things still even after trillions of dollars in drugs and research.

I have an idea!

While you are waiting for the AI machines to slowly take over the world and your responsibility (think cell phones!) you might want to practice the lost art of prevention!
Here is where I start my “prevention” every day with Ultra Potent Fish Oil and Young Life Daily
Then later in the day I add my Mito QE to help those little powerhouses do the power and recovery thing better.

Now keep in mind I can only speak about prevention for myself since any other use of the word will be interpreted and a medical claim, even when the problem is not classified as a disease.

Aging is a case in point.

I have been a physician for 27 years now and nothing I have seen gives me confidence in where we are going. I am allowed to tell you that.

As always I encourage you to educate yourself as to the truth of what I am saying using other unbiased sources, specifically Pub Med. Actually almost exclusively Pub Med!!!!

Don’t wait for AI to practice the lost art of prevention, or it really will be a lost art!!!


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