The Currency of Power

In the human body the currency of power is a compound called ATP. While there are other energy molecules this one is by far the most common. It is used by every single cell in existence in your body- billions and billions of them!

If they swim, regenerate, wiggle, move, heal, fight, remodel, signal, or excrete they are using ATP.

If they control hormones, control temperature, control weight,control balance, control movement, control mood, control digestion, control thought they are spending this currency.

Normally, as long as you eat, this supply is inexhaustible, but sadly as we age, the factory that makes this energy in bulk slows down and becomes inefficient.

Poorer quality of thought, balance, movement, sex, digestion are but a few areas that you might find affected

But you can fight back!!!

The simplest way to explain what Mito QE does is 2-fold.

First it uses the well-known and world renown Kaneka Co Q 10 to replace and increase the levels in your mitochondrial power houses.

Second, it absorbs excess free radical oxidizers generated during the power phase of metabolism. As we age we are less equipped to deal with them and they can lead to damage of vital cellular structures.

These 2 processes alone are major drivers of aging including telomere (biologic time clock) loss!

It would be easy to write a book about just these 2 actions but you get the general idea- they can age you before your time and slow you down in the process.

Who has time for that?!

Mito QE will be on introductory pricing until midnight tonight including the huge savings on continuity/ subscription.

Take advantage of that pricing-order now- before its too late!  And put some power back into your life!


P.S. You can fight back even more with the Horrendous Diet! Order here and combine it with Mito QE and watch your body and your life change!!!


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