Naturally high – Your brain really IS on drugs!

A few years ago I sent you several emails about a new (it was new then!) weight loss drug called Rimonabant.  Developed by French drug giant Rhone-Roher, this drug was supposed to cure everything from smoking to overeating and alcoholism.  The problem was it didn’t work that well and it came along at a  time when another American drug company was removing a weight loss drug known as Xenical and focusing on its weaker version known as Alli. 
Of course we would never suspect the FDA of blocking a French drug from our market so an American one could recoup lost revenues (prescription Xenical was pretty much a flop).
The truth is, Rimonabant was not very successful in U.S. trials, failing to deliver meaningful results and was eventually pulled from the market due to mental status changes.  But it did open up a whole new area of research for pharmacists and drug companies called the “endocannabinoid system”. 
You may recognize the word “cannabis” from its other name, marijuana.
It turns out that Mother Nature has endowed us with naturally occurring “cannabinoid” like chemicals in our brain.  The problem, as always with pharmaceutical drugs, is that they are not natural and don’t work well in the “natural environment” of our brains.  Hence the broad and extensive side effects profiles of most drugs designed to work on our brains.
Well Mother Nature put something else here for us to use.  It turns out that omega 3 fish oil has been studied extensively in depression and for mild to moderate depression is just as effective as the SSRI (Prozac) class of drugs without the suicidal tendencies!

As a matter of fact, if you have read any of my emails, you know how effective fish oil is for so many things because it is a building block, a hormone, and immune modulator and anti-fat compound and more.
But let’s stay focused on the brain.  Fish oil’s effects on the mood and its improvement in depression were thought to be solely due to improved levels of serotonin, a natural brain chemical that blocks depression.
But recently it was discovered that fish oil works via the endocannabinoid system as well to elevate mood and relieve anxiety among other symptoms.
How does it work?  Here is a quote: “It corrects the deficit in the signaling of the CB1 cannabinoid receptor in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This protein — the CB1 cannabinoid receptor — has been linked, over the last decade and in various studies, to depressive disorders.”
Well you did ask!
Actually restoring the balance to brain signals is just one way fish oil works; it also is an important building block that can affect memory, intelligence, hand eye coordination and many other brain functions.
For now, suffice it to say, you should be taking it every day!
I recommend a minimum of 3 grams and prefer most people to be on 6 grams. That should keep you naturally high!

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