Small Things – Big Miracles – All Fish Oil Is Not The Same

I hope you understand the power of Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil. The problem is a lot of people do not, so I am counting on you to spread the word. There are 3 kinds of Omega 3’s.

The two your bodies can use right off the bat are EPA and DHA.

The third, ALA, comes from plant sources and is usually the one the big Food Industry is using to capitalize on the Omega 3 bandwagon.

Both DHA and EPA, which are found in fish oil, can help your heart. ALA, the type of Omega-3s found in flax seeds, soybeans and canola oil, do not prevent heart disease.

Nor does plant based ALA have any benefit for strokes, cancer, arthritis, or Alzheimer’s disease.

And here is more food for thought: ALA has been implicated as a cause of increased prostate and probably breast cancer as well.

Other sources of ALA include canola and soy, which again are often loaded into foods to make them “look” healthy. This is especially true of so called healthy spreads.

Don’t count on them to protect your health and read those labels carefully so you know where the added Omega 3’s come from.

Fish oil remains superior for all forms of prevention, treatment and overall health.

In heart studies not only did fish oil reduce heart attack but it reduced death from all causes by 45%! In that same study it was found that statin drugs did not save as many lives as fish oil and that vitamin E did not save any lives!

A few small golden caps a day of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil could make a huge difference in your health and longevity.

The capsules may be small but the miracles are big!

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