Ten Reasons Why America Needs An Oil Change

The Congress has passed some historic health legislation into being. Whether it works or not depends on how much it actually costs. For starters let me tell you why Pharmaceutical Grade fish oil is essential for America.

1 – Fish oil supplements do what no prescription drug can ever do.

2 – Fish oil capsules are all natural and comparatively almost side effects free even in big does.

3 – Dr Dave Omega-3 fish oil reduces death and infirmity from several major causes of aging and death in this country including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, dementias, mood disorders, allergic disorder autoimmune disorders.

4 – Pharmaceutical grade fish oil even in doses as high as 18 grams in cancer patients, improved survival and was very well tolerated.

5 – Other fish oil benefits may make people smarter and give them better memories even if they are not having problems in those areas.

6 – Fish oil capsules help the stress response.

7 – Fish oil capsules help keep the biologic time clocks, the telomeres, longer in sick people and most likely in regular people as well.

8 – Fish oil aquaculture is already on the way to solving the renewable resource issue. My suggestion: grind up krill and add it to the fish meal.

9 – Fish oil can be purified to parts per trillion.

10 – Benefits of fish oil  is that fish oil is the single most studied, most effective supplement ever and has been even shown to decrease body fat, improve lipids and insulin responses.

If I were to give an 11th element it would be that we are as a nation severely deficient in it and fixing that problem alone would probably save several million lives, reduce crime, depression, increase productivity and put us more firmly on the road to economic recovery and liberty and justice for all.

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