An update on Dr. Fish Oils NEW Fish Oil!

My new and authentic fish oil will be available in 2 weeks.  We’ll start taking pre-orders in about 10 days.

Update: My pharmaceutical grade fish oil is available now! You can get it here.

A lot of you have emailed to ask if there is something the same or similar to my fish oils on the market.

Here is the bottom line. Nothing is “the same”.

Here is the reason:  In order for the products to be the same or even similar the very same chain of events, suppliers and encapsulators needs to be in place.

One of the things that matters the most is the final step, the encapsulation. This is because that is the step where all the proprietary stuff is added. This includes the flavoring and the anti-oxidants.  If one goes by the label you would think, “Well that stuff is on the label- how hard could it be to copy?!”  Very hard. The temptation is to go to the store and look at a label and look for something the same or similar.

Not only is this hard, in fact it’s impossible!  Because our encapsulator has proprietary stuff that unless you use them you are not going to get it.  Think of it this way.  If you own a Ford vehicle and you need a new fuel injector. You consult the engine diagram and you see “fuel injector”.  So you order a Chevy part for your Ford motor because, heck it’s a fuel injector right?!

Wrong!  This is the danger when people who don’t know supplements like I do try to make something similar. And I know for a fact no one is using my encapsulator for the specific formulas. It does pay to have friends in the business.

I once had a woman tell me to my face that dogs and cats cannot take fish oil.  This woman was the VP of sales for a major company that begins with N. She had absolutely no valid knowledge of the product she was selling and proudly displayed that in public.  Sadly, there is a lot of ignorance and just plain lying in this industry.

There are over 300 fish oils on the market.  They are not all the same even though at least some of them have similar ingredients.  Not a one of them is the same as mine. My fish oil will be here in 2 weeks.

It’s worth the wait especially if you have waited as long as some people have!

I sure do appreciate all the loyalty and patience you’ve shown.

And remember there is only one Dr Fish oil!  Everything else is NOT the same.


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