Your DNA’s “Junk” is the Key to Immortality

Telomeres junk?   Not long ago some of the brightest minds on earth believed telomeres were nothing more than junk whose sole purpose was to protect the treasure — your DNA.   It turns out that junk IS the treasure.  Without it there is no life.  Many of those great minds may pretend they “knew it all along”, but no one really knew and who knows what new treasures we’re yet to uncover.

Since the realization of telomeres’ importance, there’s been an explosion in regenerative and longevity medicine.  Scientists are starting to uncover and do the unthinkable.  They’re uncovering new ways to extend life, and most importantly improve the quality of the lives they’re extending.   Instead of a feeble, sick, blind and deaf 100 years, you and I can expect a sharp, vibrant and enjoyable 100 years and beyond.  It’s a long and healthy life, very different than the inevitable decline our parents and grandparents have or are experiencing.

And we have the junk at the end of our DNA to thank.

Every day it seems new research supports and reaffirms that cancer is a disease of short telomeres, heart disease is a disease of short telomeres, Alzheimer’s is a disease of short telomeres, among many other disease “symptoms” of aging.  (I call most of the ailments we call diseases “symptoms”, because the real disease is aging and all of the other so-called diseases are merely symptoms).

In the past few months telomere shortening has shown up to 400% relative risk in cancer versus long telomeres.   The group with short telomeres had deadly, nasty and rapid cancers with little hope of survival.

Shortened telomeres create inflammation through a unique pathway very different than the inflammation that is caused by poor diet, lack of sleep and a sedentary lifestyle.   The inflammation caused by telomere erosion plays a vital role in all diseases of aging.

Antioxidant has been a buzz word in the health industry for several years now, but telomere erosion requires extremely potent anti-inflammatories to combat the accelerated damage our bodies experience as more and more of our cells’ telomeres reach critically short levels.  These super antioxidants help slow telomere loss and are discussed at length in The Immortality Edge.  They include omega-3 fish oil and CoQ10 which have both been shown to reduce rapid telomere segment loss in cells.

You already take fish oil?  Probably not enough.  CoQ10 is part of your supplement regime?  Are you sure you’re taking the proper form?  Read The Immortality Edge supplement plan and you’ll never have to guess whether you’re taking the correct dosage or right form of a nutrient and making the proper lifestyle choices to truly extend your lifespan and healthspan.  You’ll know.

Don’t treat your telomeres like junk.  If you want to live to see a healthy active 100+ years, read the book, implement the plan and I’ll see you in 100 years.

Afraid it’s too late?  Worried that your telomeres are shot, too short to even bother preserving?  Well, after years of screening over 250,000 compounds a natural supplement was found, tested and proven to not only stop telomere shortening but help lengthen telomeres as well.  It’s called TA-65, and it’s also covered at length in The Immortality Edge.  Everything you need to know about how to extend your healthy years is laid out in one comprehensive and easy-to-understand book.

It’s never too late to treat your telomeres like the treasure they truly are!

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