Escape Velocity

The technical definition of escape velocity is the speed at which one needs to travel to escape the Earth’s gravitational pull.

I am using it in a different context. For me escape velocity is the way a person needs to live to have self actualization and manifestation. I teach this in my coaching classes and have for many years. But since it is becoming more and more important for everyone to understand self determination and to have at least a modicum of control over their lives I thought I would offer you some simple basic tips.

The most precious commodity you have to give is your time and attention. Where you spend it equates to every single thing that happens to you in most cases. I mentioned to you the old oft repeated new age saying, “You can be or do or have anything you want!” a while back. This continues to get batted around as each generation falls into its’ most productive and most influential years.

It’s natural to look at life in a certain way in your 30’s and a very different way each decade beyond as your experience teaches you. But even experience is in your control to a large degree. That said I also reminded you that reality, my reality at least, has a lot of moving parts, many of which I am not even aware of and thus do not feel in control of or even responsible for.

All I can control is my reaction and my response which has fortunately been very much positive. I have also told you not to believe everything you are told. All of these things, response, responsibility and a healthy skepticism born of understanding human nature and motivation are what allows us to make Lemonade out of lemons.

That in turn allows you to achieve “escape velocity” and keep your attention focused on YOU and Yours rather than what “they” want you to be consumed by.

This does take a lot of energy, massive amounts as a matter of fact because you will find the TRUTH* in places where you are not supposed to be and in questions you are not supposed to ask. The result is you will not be part of the herd. But herd mentality can only keep you subpar and in bondage.

I have broken those chains many times in my life and continue to do so by a ton of focused directed energy that allows me to create things and do things that are, put mildly, out of the ordinary.

Now as Ted Knight as Judge Schmells in Caddy Shack said, “Well the world needs Ditch Diggers too!” but I highly doubt you would be reading this if you wanted to be one!

Most of the people who read my stuff are high achievers and willing to at least entertain the fact that the aging curve can be modified and that their future is not completely controlled by the news, media and politicians.

My energetic secret weapon is the Daily Energy pack. This prevents me from getting negative, giving up and being part of the herd to “be safe”. Hint safety does not lie in the human herd! If you have the energy and attain escape velocity you will not face the fears that the herd does nor will you be subject to the whims of the current times or any others.

The Daily Energy Pack can help you get there and stay there.

It’s well worth it because you can sort reality from BS. You will often hear “Reality is Perception!”

That IS BS. Reality is reality and does not succumb to our perceptions, rather we succumb to them. Escape that!!!! And live more of the life you want no matter what “they” say. Remember without us, they are powerless. Take it back!

All the best in a truly positive outlook and expectation,

Dr Dave

*Remember another Dr Daveism “The word Truth does not need a personal pronoun in front of it if it’s really true!

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