Fibonacci, Biden Trump Covid and Nostradamus

Happy February! I wonder if my use of all those names and terms will get me banned or censured somewhere lol!

You may have heard of the golden ratio, the 80/20 rule and more recently the 95/5 rule.

You’ve certainly heard of Biden and Trump but maybe not Fibonacci.

And I bet you’ve heard of Nostradamus!

I’ve always been somewhat amused when people try super hard to make predictions fit. Nostradamus predicted “Hister” would play a part in the destruction of the world. People said he meant Hitler to make his predictions fit. Turns out there he was referring to the Latin name for the Danube. Then the story went “Well the Danube runs through Germany and it means World War 2”. It also flows through or bordering Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine- all involved in the 2nd world war. But it doesn’t touch Russia, China, Japan, England or the U.S.

There is a very popular spiritual/success author who insists you create your own reality. Even when it happens in utero it’s your fault or your blessing. Nice!

,Adelle Davis nutrition guru, vitamin advocate who is reported to say, “You can cure any disease with proper nutrition!” died at age 70. She was undergoing chemo at the time! Of note viz my last email she left a huge and very positive legacy in her relatively short life time (you have to factor in the time of her life- 1914-1970) but she did not achieve her own belief.

So, what does this all mean? Honestly, my reality at least has a lot of moving parts, some of which I’m not even aware of.

But I will say this much, when I do become aware I take responsibility. But I give myself a Mulligan when something is hidden, especially deliberately from me.

I’ve gotten a lot craftier at understanding trends and of course 6+ decades on the planet have given me a certain perspective and experience that comes from curiosity and perspective.

To whit my final personal sharing for you. Yesterday I was taking a bath and reading a book. This particular book was called “The Aircraft Observer’s Handbook”. This book was published yearly for well over 30 years and when I was growing up it satisfied my need to stay current on all the flying things that I’d see at airports!

I recently bought the 1984 edition and decided to read the preface during my bath!

It was all doom and gloom! The industry was failing, airlines were going bust and the manufacturers were shutting down and curtailing production due to a “global economic recession that was affecting all aspects of the economy including the supply chain, public, social and military spending and anything that had to do with “ecology” the term then used for “green new deal”.

In other words, everything that is in front of you now has happened before and will happen again. Sometimes it will be cloaked in a different skin but the results will be the same. The economy, gold, crypto, the stock market etc. will rise and fall.

There will be pushing from left and right.

Viruses will come and go according to the overall response and reaction of many moving parts.

Stuff like Keto diets which started in the 20’s and is now popular (and finally proven by research) came again under the name Adkin’s then later something to do with bullets, then just plain keto and intermittent fasting. Adelle Davis would approve!

So here is a Dr Dave prediction for you, based on the Fibonacci principle of repeating patterns in nature and time: The extent to which YOU believe the “new normal” is a given is the extent to which it will be. The extent to which you remember or in my case, have experience with ebbs and flows will be the extend to which you remember and understand the cyclic fractal nature of our world.

And you will pay far more attention to Fibonacci and the 80/20 or better yet 95/5 rule as you witness stuff that actually makes sense when you keep this in mind

Ever here the phrase, “Don’t give your power away easily?!

Your power is the core of your life. That means your energy and your mental “juice”!

I make some great stuff to help you cope with the cycles of life and to even in my humble opinion prolong the ones you want- the health the success, the happiness. Just ask my coaching clients!

Here are 2 biggies: Energy Pack and Brain Force 1.

While you watch the world fall into patterns, if you keep your power, you make your own pattern! If you keep your wits and resist Fear Uncertainty and Doubt in YOUR world by staying in your center, I promise you’ll be making a better life for yourself and the ones you love!

Here’s to the making Energy Pack and Brain Force 1.

Dr Dave

PS Here is another Dr Davism for you- There is a popular saying, “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. This I think is based correctly on the cyclic nature of human behavior. But I have a different saying- “Those don’t ignore history will never break the pattern. Time to break the cycle my friends! Remember what I always said about aging. It’s a given until someone gets the best of it!!!

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