Your Biggest Enemy- It’s Not the Virus

I am an impatient lad. I don’t understand why people don’t see what I see and sometimes I appear uncompassionate. Nothing frosts me more than bad decisions and bad advice metaphysically labeled with wholisticky terms like “path” and “journey”.

And yet the past 6 weeks have been a real journey for me personally. I realize that while I don’t “feel” old, I’ve been around for a long, long time.

A dear long-term customer Ed R said it best this way, and echoed the words of one of my recent podcast interviewees whose known me for years, “Always so far ahead, I don’t think they will ever catch you!”

The recent stream of videos with docs far more famous than me saying what I have been saying about COVID-19 for weeks got me to thinking.

First, as you may know when I am wrong, I admit it publicly. In the past year or so I have been super wrong about some very big (non medical) things, but the virus is not one of them. When I was “wrong” for the “right” reasons about artificial sweeteners I publicly admitted it. But I have not been wrong about this virus.

It will continue for a while until the warmer weather hits. We will continue to have protocols that require more attention to who, how and what we do.

I will continue to follow them.

The virus will claim the lives of more people and wind up looking like a “bad flu year”. As I have stated in my emails (and judging by the sales of Telokynase and the Immortality Edge Packs you listened) this virus hits those with weakened immune systems the hardest. If you don’t believe me just look at the bevy of famous docs who’ve said that in the past few days on TV and other interviews.

This is a good thing because it shows that the spirit of personal freedom can only be challenged so far before people start standing up and saying “I ain’t buyin!”

Now, I have gotten a lot of hate mail for my “cavalier” and “uncompassionate” treatment of this whole affair. I don’t care! I am speaking my truth which is sounding more and more like THE Truth now that others with bigger influence are saying it as well. This is why you should be a little less concerned about all the conspiracy theories.

This virus and the response to it has been the Great Activator.

I have seen fear, love, kindness, brutality, honesty, deception narcissism, power grabbing, generosity, honor, panic, pain, and unspeakable beauty and the almost magical recuperative powers of the human body and Mother Earth!

I have seen it all and it has come into laser like focus mostly because this situation has intensified all that is good and bad with humanity.

I have heard all kinds of culprits advanced, The Chinese, The Republicans, The Democrats, The illuminati, 5G, cryptocurrency advocates, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, The Donald, the ghost of Rudolf Steiner, data mining advocates, underground armies that are training out of sight RIGHT NOW to attack soon, and even Green Peace!

Guilty- You Bet! Innocent- You Bet! While some or all of these things may be happening, and you have to trust me on this, they will all be less consequential than their advocates demand you believe.

I really only know this much: there is a new novel virus called COVID-19. It spreads faster and more completely than influenza but it does not look to be worse than a bad flu year. It preys upon those with other illnesses and if you do not believe that Aging is a Disease then look at the death rates of those over 80 who suffer from a condition called Immunosenescense. You won’t find that in any medical school book, nor will you find other terms I use like “Carbohydrate Poisoning” but I assure you these are real conditions with deadly consequences!

I also strongly feel that the virus really was a typical zoonosis not some evil biological devil developed to cause the Zombie Apocalypse or some broken piece of human DNA released from a human being. I do see politicization of the agenda, I do see people reacting and profiting and skewing and manipulating with great facility during this crisis.

I also see all the good things and the reconnection of people in their close circles. The closeness that has been more or less forced is going to show you a lot about yourself and the people in your immediate circles. It will bond some tighter, it will disrupt some more, and it will allow people to look more closely at what they really want their lives to be.

Now that is a REAL JOURNEY!!!

You and I will continue see the best and worst of people like always only with more intensity – hence the Great Activator! I also think that each and every one of our worlds will be permanently changed by this event for the rest of our lives.

Whether it’s good or bad will be up to you and what you choose to believe. You will see whatever truth you want in this – what an amazing demonstration of personal freedom, no?!

Don’t miss this AMAZING Opportunity to Grow and Evolve. Then again don’t worry, if you don’t do it now, It will Just Get BIGGER!!!

But what do I know!

Well I know this.

There is risk to you and me and the people we love no matter how small based on the data. And you can be damn sure I am going to protect myself and the ones I love with ferocity.

And I can see most of you while you are not buying the doomsday machine narrative do see the merit and veracity in treating yourself and people you love like you matter.

That brings me to the long-term forecast and what I, and the Longevity Edge are going to do about it.

I have waxed long and hard about the immune system and aging. I’ve talked telomeres, stem cells, telomerase activators, fish oil, copper, zinc and selenium.

A lot of those products are currently on backorder but the back orders are short- 4-6 weeks and that is a pessimistic estimate in most cases.

If you see, as I do the long term sense and utility for you and the people you love you might want to get in those lines for Young Life Daily, Telokynase, and while you are at it grab the last bits of Fish Oil now because from last weeks announcement of 300 bottles, we are now down to 200 and the next order comes in end of May. We’re down to just filling the subscription orders!

Again, if you are continuity or subscription you are first in line.

We just packed and shipped the first batch of our amazing Covid Wellness Kits yesterday. They basically sold out right away but we are working feverishly to meet the demands. The next batch comes in Saturday and the batch after that next Wednesday.

We will continue to work on them to build up stock for sale over the coming months after this crisis is over to be ready to hit next season with a big stock.

And Some Really Good News- I’m bringing out Immune Boost 2.0+, and upgraded version of the old and very popular Immune Boost. It will have the same flash pasteurized Elderberry extract along with some other upgrades to kick up your immunity. As soon as we know its “in the mail” (I keep thinking of that old joke about the “2 biggest lies”!) we’ll put it on pre-order and go from there.

Funny thing: that is another example of how far ahead of the curve I was. It was beloved of those who took it but we did not sell enough to justify continuing it.

My how things have changed!

Now here is something I really want to share with you before I go. First thank you for everything you have done for me! Thank you for supporting, listening and honoring me with your time and your intellect and your patronage.

As I have said many times, I do everything I do for me and the ones I love, but I am honored to have you by my side on this journey!

Let’s try to do this shall we: Let’s not focus on all the fear, panic and negativity, and let’s not try to save the world!!! Let’s save our world and invoke the pebble in the pond theory. The waves we make will catch others and they will catch others and so on and so forth. Save your world and you will automatically save the worlds of others.

A very wise oracle once channeled this to me: “You are most vulnerable to lose your center when you are trying to recenter others. You save no one, they save themselves. You inspire them – that is all you can ever do. What they do or do not do is their Journey”

There is that GD word again!

And finally, please remember this: Agendas are EVERYWHERE and so is FEAR! People who are trying to show you clearly how the establishment and the world run beyond your control and tell you about the secret underground hidden evils are basically spewing the same SHXT as the Establishment! Neither is darker in color and neither stinks more. They are equal in this!

Your greatest enemy is not the Virus, it’s the fear that people are trying to dump on you!!!!

“Be Your Own Engine!”- an old DD quote.

I will do my part to keep your tank full!

Honored, Grateful, Younger, Stronger, Faster and Healthy as a Horse 1000% reliable and Bullet Proof!!!!

Dr Dave

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