Infants and Children Deadly Days Ahead?!

Just so you know the original title of this email was Fish Oil and Flu- You’re Not Going to Believe This! And ultimately that is where we are going to go.

Normally I eschew social commentary because quite frankly I am so busy “doing me” that social isolation is often part of my routine.

But I have to say this: The news media is determined to scare the crap out of people. I can only assume it is to extend control over our behaviors because we are not trusted to do the right thing. If you saw my Longevity Edge Facebook page I’ve already been masking, gloving, inhaling and washing my way to almost complete sterility (not the sexual kind, the skin kind!!!).

I had a conversation with one of my doctor friend’s wife and she unlike him was freaked out. The conversation went through the usual media stats like number of new infections (as I predicted this one gets the most air time because the virus does spread) number of new deaths including, sadly, some very young children (some being 1 or 2 but the death of a child is always especially saddening). And then of course the very, very high (and in my opinion inflated) predicted death tolls.

What was left out was the 97% recovery rate and the huge number of negative tests which ironically have stopped being reported. By that I mean not only going unreported by the media but also going unreported by health authorities. I’d guess that number must be about 8X the number of positive tests. The negative tests do not fit into the agenda.

This is a human tragedy for sure. Social distancing works for sure. Boosting your immune system works for sure. Being responsible about being around high-risk people works for sure. Focusing on a tiny number of worst-case scenarios does no one any good except our beloved news media by increasing their ratings.

I have told you before this is a disease of the immune system. In this long winded email, I am going to make that crystal clear for all of you. But in the meantime, I want to tell you this: not one of my patients, customers, clients, friends etc. has reported to me ANY kind of serious symptoms.

Being responsibly informed is important. Being informed about someone dying in some far away corner of the world is important ONLY IF you are going to do something about it. Being informed about the 0.000001% of people under the age of 15 that succumb to this virus is important ONLY IF you are going to do something about it.

The first thing you should do is inform yourself, protect yourself and fiercely protect the ones you love, at least those who will allow you. If you do that you are being responsible! Do more and I laud you.

As you can see, I do not subscribe to the medical “party line” and this is why I’ve gotten a fair amount of hate mail. I am not insensitive- the empathetic human part of me recognizes the tragedy and my heart goes out to those who are suffering loss or illness, but the positive empowered human and scientific part of me says “OK let’s do something about this and use this time wisely because win, lose or draw we do not get it back!”

If you are reading this, I am telling you there is a 99.999999% that you will personally do well if you take care of yourself!

So please add positive energy to the Earth, your loved ones and your family, and the rest of the beautiful beings on this planet.

Eschew Panic.

Spread the Word – Not the Virus!!!

OK I promise you the next email is going to be about some amazing discoveries that are buried in the literature on fish oil and viral illnesses along with some empowering science on the COVID Scenario!

Sending you Love, Positive Energy and Appreciation.

Stay Well Because the World Needs Your Golden White Energy to heal itself!!!

Dr D

PS in the meantime I’m going to ask you to stop watching the news and feeding their fear/panic based reporting. You can get everything you need from WHO and the CDC web sites without having some jackass pretend they give a shxt about you on the TV! Only when we stop feeding into panic will the insanity stop. Inform yourself with facts not media!!!!

PPS: there are undoubtedly outliers with damaged immune systems in all age groups and these poor souls will continue to suffer. But please do not extrapolate a few cases into a Black Plague scenario the way our media would love you to, Fight Back. Take Back YOUR Power and stay calm rational and proactive!!!

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