Staying Balanced in an Unbalanced World Part 1

Everything is a matter of perspective except of course reality. In spite of new agism and platitudes to the opposite there is a real reality that is not dependent on simply our senses just as there is THE Truth rather than your truth their truth etc.etc. Those truths are merely perspective.

So you could in effect adopt another happy happenstance and say that everything is perfect! I imagine that from some perspectives it absolutely is.

That being said there is and has been a constant attempt for the past 2.5 years to unbalance and unhinge a lot of society. Look at anything in the mainstream media and you will see evidence of that as well as the source perspective that originates from.

Monkey pox any one?!

But balance has many meanings aside from mental balance and perspective although that is what gets the most press these days.

For instance, from the perspective of aging well and effectively or even dare I say “Anti-Aging”, balance becomes a physical and metabolic goal.

I’m not sure if you bother with my insta G page but if you do, you’ll recall that 2 summers ago I built a 63×25 foot yoga deck 15 feet off the ground at its highest point. It was my Eifel tower at least in that year and it has served me and my students very well. One of the great mental aspects of yoga especially outdoor summer time deck yoga in the twilight is the stunning natural beauty and relative quiet that pervades the space. My property abuts against a mountain which reflects a lot of sound away from my home. The height of the deck “above” the world actually helps as well. I’m not an acoustic engineer (yet*) but I am sure there is a good reason for that.

All of my “classes” which honestly are more impromptu gatherings among like minded people start and end with a short meditation.

Key number 1: Do something to disengage your brain and focus on the moment. Meditation, prayer, hobbies or of course moving meditations like yoga and Tai Chi are perfect for this. The chatter of the monkey mind plays right into the hands of those who would control your thinking and coerce your compliance.

Also perfect is Brain Force 1 with a combination of calming herbs and stimulating nootropics to help you get the most out of your mind. A clear mind is needed now more than ever!

Key 2: This comes from Bruce Lee and is paraphrased here, “Discard what is useless!” 4 years ago my TV cable fell into my yard during a severe windstorm. At that point I decided to only hook up the internet and avoid all forms of non streaming TV which of course includes all mainstream media. It’s hard to avoid “bad news” completely since it is part of every connectivity we have. But 3 weeks ago, I was in the Wallowa mountains and had zero internet by choice for 7 days.

Everything WAS PERFECT. And while I missed all the news none of it truly affected me because most things actually have at least a some “figment of the imagination” that needs to be harnessed. The passage of a few days allows you to see whether or not its really news or just another emotional twerk to control the zombies who believe it.

This does not mean there are not elements of truth in what we call “news” but there are huge obfuscations and distractions designed to keep the average person from looking objectively at things. Then there are the thought police. Once reason I rarely post on IG any more is because the “fact checkers” are Reuters. The CEO of Reuters owns a ton of Pfizer stock. But I’m sure he’s fair and balanced…

Monkey pox any one?!

While we are all part of a collective of living beings the division of opinions and thoughts is designed to make us scared, reactive, stupid and easily controlled.

I do not fight that. I just don’t go there!

Maintaining mental balance and perspective is essential not only to your sanity but to staying individually free in what is attempting to become an unfree world. Brain force 1 helps a lot!!!

Make your world beautiful and sooner or later that beauty will spill out into the world around you. And even if it doesn’t, you’ll still have your own version of my Yoga deck… a little peace of sanctuary (spelling intentional!) and heaven on earth!

In part 2, I will address some of the physical aspects and metabolic aspects of aging that will help you stay young no matter what transpires around you!

Loving a magical life where all is well!

Dr Dave

*Ah yes, my quip about being an acoustic engineer. Several years ago, I designed some furniture that worked in a fashion similar to what we used to call an “equalizer” in that you could boost and dampen sound frequencies by opening and closing drawers and changing the orientation of the furniture. Along with the radio controlled sofa this invention sounded better in my head; no pun intended! But it had potential and was a fun if totally impractical invention. That said many of us could use a little passive noise reduction in our lives.

On the flip side I have not given up on sound manipulation. I have chosen and will sacrifice one of my less expensive acoustic guitars to work on some porting designs with a luthier. I have “seen” the design in my head and its now on paper so manifestation is just around the corner. Will it work? If you used only common sense as a guide and my limited knowledge of acoustics you’d say “Impossible”!

Then again, I wouldn’t bet against me!

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