The Godfather of Essential Oils Speaks!!!

I wanted to tell you about our amazing podcast channel!

It’s actually been up for a few weeks and features some absolutely incredible info for you to educate yourself while you might have some extra free time!

But for now, I want to call your attention to the Podcast on essential oils which served as an info base for the Instagram videos I shot. Miguel and I have known each other since the early days and Miguel did all of the original blending of my formulas.

I was reminded to tell you about this because I saw a huge headline on the net today saying “Opening Windows may help defeat the Virus!” That of course was explained by Miguel long before this based on his considerable experience.

And there is a ton of other amazing info about this and other things you can do to protect yourself and the ones you love.

So, tune in here.

And if you bought the Covid Wellness Kit you will feel really good about yourself!

Feelin’ good and not letting this thing get me down.

Educate yourself, empower yourself and join me on the Higher Vibe!


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