Not sure if you’ve been following any of my statements about the effects of fear on the population but I have written a lot about that lately. I’ve also seen a train of people lately saying pretty much the same thing I have since this whole thing started.

I decided to look at some stats and there are some very interesting findings.

The CDC is probably the most accurate site you can get for world and U.S. figures.

The CDC does something that was not done in other countries: it lists definitive COVID-19 deaths. That number is just shy of 10,000 for the U.S. The media is reporting 28,000 deaths in the U.S. as of April 15th. What makes up the difference in reporting?

I would tell you it’s reporting bias. If you are looking to terrify people you are going to always use the highest worst-case number you can. And if you are trying to influence people you will downplay recovery rates, death rates by age (huge differences over 75 years of age) and you will leave out comorbidities.

To their credit the CDC has mentioned comorbidities and segregated out things like pneumonia without proven Covid. But and this is a big butt – the verbiage they use states that Covid deaths could be under reported due to pneumonia not being diagnosed as Covid. They don’t say much about the opposite e.g. bacterial pneumonia or influenza pneumonia which has just reached epidemic proportions in death rate. What they are not saying is just as telling as what they are in terms of the narrative.

There is also now a trend to “removing” influencers who say things that don’t fit with the current narrative. Yesterday I voiced my opinion about all of this in the email so if you didn’t read it you might want to while you still can!

I continue to personally follow the protocols– wouldn’t want to be a naughty doctor!

But I still feel strongly that FEAR is the weapon being used here by whatever agenda is part of this whole debacle. The data is being interpreted and modeled so many different ways your head will spin. Brilliant statements like “Why the case fatality may not accurately reflect the overall mortality of Covid are being made”

In my book dead is dead and if you don’t know the answer you should not confabulate or speculate the cause. There is a lot of “conspeculation” going on. Or is that con speculation?! Why do my fellow scientists always try to make up reasons? As a Doc and a scientist, I get it- mental masturbation is part of the culture and implies wisdom and control. Does it really!!!

I prefer the approach from the old TV show Dragnet “Just the Facts Ma’am!” Imagine how many fewer words, TV debates accusations and spin would disappear if they stuck just to the facts! Then again media ratings would plummet!

Either way I share with you the way I protect myself and the people I love and care about and how you can too. The Covid Kit is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungicidal and it’s what I use daily whenever I socially deisolate e.g. go outside among potential contacts!

As ageist as it may sound, I hope in the future we concentrate our protective and isolative efforts on the highest risk populations instead of the castrating the economy and paralyzing the rest of society. But what do I know!!!

Overall, everything appears to be going to plan in terms of weaponizing fear. The deaths rates have tailed off in most Western Countries so we are now treated to the narrative: It will come back, It will ravage and grim reap its way through the Asian Sub Continent and Africa so just when you think its slowing down its going to come back for more and YOU may be the victim!

I have never seen so much fear mongering in my professional or personal life.

Protect yourself by doing all you reasonably can do.

But do not succumb to FEAR! That is what has been “weaponized”

I promise you I do not know who “THEY” really are, but I do know its what “THEY” really want.

I will allow you to pick any expletive you want for this sentence “_________ Them!”

Mine begins with an F! And so does FEAR, and so does Forget as in forget fear!

Working overtime for you and all that I care about.

Dr Dave

P.S. I’m probably headed for the “banned list” myself so if I go radio silent, you’ll know what happened.

P.P.S. an old quote of mine from my personal Instagram account. “At least 75% of thoughts the typical person thinks are negative…. Your job is to find the other 25%!” This is why First Chakra tactics like fear are so very powerful and make people do things like turn in or threaten their neighbors for not complying with the “rules”. Sound familiar? I guess they were just following “orders”! Now that analogy is frightening!

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