Big News- New Products Unofficial Launch Sale!!!

Did You ever have days or weeks where nothing happens and then all of a sudden Everything happens?

Well, it has been that kind of week. I just got back from our Stem Cell clinic in Guadalajara to find that not one, not 2 but 3 new products are arriving by weeks end.

I have been waiting for months and in one case over 2 years for these to finally be finished and ready to get out to you.

Good things come to Those who wait!

The Brand New Hair Growth Serum that I have been working on for over 2 years to make it stable at room temp for long periods has arrived and is going on sale next week. Unlike the old serum from late 2018 it does not have to be refrigerated and is shipped normally instead of frozen solid (although I recommend that if you have bottles not in use you store them in the fridge).

This is almost exactly the same amazing product that less than 300 people got (we ran out very quickly last time, the demand was much bigger!) way back when. Many of you got fantastic results and have been asking “When Doc When!!!!”(Meantime I look like a Chia Pet!)

The answer is “starting today!!”

For those of you who were in the original group and know already you want it and don’t need a long winded analysis to be convinced you can order it here at the intro price of $349 a bottle (these are approx. 2 months’ worth instead of the single months supply we had the first time) or $600 for 2! Keep in mind the last batch sold out in 8 Hours! As always, subscription pricing is even lower.

That’s right!!!! Gone in 8 hours so even though we have a lot more this time don’t delay!!!!!

For those of you who did not get to experience the original product, you can check out my amazing new creation here!

By the way the new bottle is huge and as mentioned should last about 2 months with regular daily application. I decided a 2 month supply made more sense – the results are dramatically better when used for 2 months. And like the original formula it is stem cell exosome based BUT these are nanoparticulated for better absorption.

Next and along similar lines..

The Brand New Skin Formula is here. Those of you who have been waiting for yours on back order are automatically getting the new formula with NO PRICE INCREASE – as I always try- you are grandfathered in at the original price you paid for as long as you stay on continuity subscription!

This bottle is almost 3X as much as what you have been getting so you can use it on face hands and neck with as many pumps of the bottle as needed and its still going to last much longer and give you even faster results.

The retail has not yet been determined but it’s going to be around $179 at final. But it you know you want it and can live without a ton of detailed copy you can order your 2 month supply here!!!! This will not be repeated.

As with the original formula this is my brain child and you cannot get anything like it anywhere else!!! If you are wondering why we can sell 3X as much volume wise for not a big price increase, it’s because of 2 things:

  1. I have continuously refined not only my formulas, but the production process. Streamlining, improving efficiency and of course its not a “brand new” process although it is patented!
  2. The demand has increased sufficiently that I can order a bigger quantity of raw materials which gives US a price break we can pass on to you in the form of bigger bottles and a longer supply

Understand since this is topical (on the skin) and not injectable it takes 2-3 months for the results to become obvious, so a larger 2 month supply made a TON more sense for me to provide.

Finally, the latest and greatest..

Version of Telokynase which now contains not 1 but 2 small molecule telomerase activators this is one main difference from the version I released September of 2020.

The pricing for the new molecule will be $525 up from the last version of $450 because of the new molecule and the processing required. If you order Right Now on continuity for 3 months I will give you the $450 price. I will post lab results showing this combination is 10X stronger than the current “gold standard” telomerase activator in the next few weeks. If you are on continuity your price will not change and you will automatically get the new formulation and ANY additional improvements, I make to it. I always try to reward my loyal long term customers and many of you have been on this since its inception so you are getting it for a super super low low price!

The other main difference in Telokynase is we microencapsulated it for better absorption and bioavailability. But unlike other companies we did not use this as an excuse to reduce the dose or change the units of measure to confuse you! In fact we INCREASED the dose per capsule.

I want to thank you for your patience, your continued belief in me and I promise I will not stop discovering and creating one of a kind age defying compounds!

A Big Week No?!!!

Now let’s You and I Live Longer and Healthier too!!!!

Yours in Pioneering Discovery and Maximum Living!

Dr Dave

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