The Subterranean Circus of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine or, The Foundation of Your Regeneration

Psst! I have a secret to share with you. Follow me. No not there, here, right here. This is Dr. Snidely Cornucopia’s newest electromagnetic schism generator. You just put it over your head while you are getting a special infusion of lipolyzed glutathione and it releases hundreds of millions of stem cells and turns back the clock at least 10 years.

Of course, it only works on old people so babies need not worry.

And after your done with that for the paltry price of a few grand you can become one of the first to lay on the electromagnetic vortex exclusion field generator that will repair all DNA mistakes in less than 24 hours. Never worry about cancer again!!!

And when you are done with all of that come by the booth and we’ll set you up with some Telomere Tea. It was tested in Outer Mongolia but I am sure I can get you abstracts and references a few months from now- just give me your email.

As you might have guessed by now, one of the stops on my recent 8,000-mile journey was a big anti-aging show. By big I mean thousands of people. You’ve heard just a slightly hyperbolized version of my experience there.

Now there is good and bad in all this. The wacky quacky charlatans (WQC) do distract alphabet agencies and make it less likely that legitimate science will be targeted. The bad is that if you happen to be real, take care of real people, and do real science with real scientists by your side you are liable to be lumped in with the WQC as is the rest of the field.

Equally bad in our sound bite society is what I call “The NEED for New”. Most of the civilians at this show are looking for the next big thing. The ancient diabetic drug metformin is actually the next big rage these days. Never mind there are serious flaws in the science that recommends it. Never mind that it’s a mitochondrial toxin and that poisoning the mitochondria is generally already an issue for older folks- just turn down the metabolism enough and you won’t have to diet or exercise.Never mind the thought leaders behind it in our conferences are not doctors.

It’s Truly the magic pill-until your fatigue becomes so immobilizing that you figure it out!
In a month or two I will have an energizing compound for you that supports the mitochondria instead of paralyzing them.

But in the meantime, let me remind you the basics are not all that sexy. Habits build us and nutritional and supplement habits are part of the building process.

The current minimalist triad of things I made for you (fish oil, brain force and young life daily) are only sexy when you see and feel the results. You still have to remember to take adequate doses every day.

Remember, you can go to the circus but you still want to have a solid stable home to come back to after the show.

Build it with the basics I created for US! I take them every day and I am subject to the same slings and arrows of everyday living perhaps even more than you!

Like Cat Stevens and later that same year (1970), Jimmy Cliff said, “Baby it’s a wild world!”

That should not be the “Foundation of Your Regeneration”!


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