To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

I want to applaud you.

You and I are not exactly the “common man”. I am not talking about our social status or our finances,

I AM talking about our thinking, our expectations, and our desire for something MORE.

More for us includes more life and more health. I can only speak personally here but I bet you’ll find something that resonates. I want more health and more life for one simple reason: experience.

Life is such a gift and I want to experience as much of it as possible in ways that broaden my horizons. Experience does that! It leads me to amazing discoveries and amazing people and amazing places.

Speaking of places I have logged about 8000 miles of travel in the past week and a half. What was I doing? Working for your and my experiences. Not to be cryptic, I was evaluating new facilities, processes and manufacturing plants for some of what I do. As you are well aware my involvement in the telomere and stem cell fields is very great. Some of what I do cannot be done in the good Ol’ U.S, of A although I promise all of the supplements I make are made here. The other stuff, the cell therapy, has to be done elsewhere to be effective in most cases.

That said I am continuously looking for ways to improve delivery, formulation and quality/purity of all of my products be they cellular or supplement.

Also speaking of supplements there will be a new one out in approximately 2 weeks, with several more to follow so don’t go anywhere!

In the meantime let me remind you that in building my new brand The Longevity Edge I started with the most basic and important anti-aging supplements.

Let me explain: When we evaluate patients for cell therapy we look at what I call the “general protoplasm” of the person- how healthy or unhealthy they are. If they are not doing well we try to “tone them up” nutritionally with the supplements before we do any cell therapy. Everyone gets the same basic analysis to see where they are. In well over 50% of cases our intervention improves things to where it makes sense to use the person’s own cells. But that leaves others who need a different therapy which involves using much younger cells in older sicker people.

We’ll get into this more in an upcoming telecon.

But for now let me reveal to you the basis for everyone’s “tone up”

Obviously we start with appropriate doses of Omega 3. If there are any corrective surgeries involved or major cell interventions into brain or heart where bleeding is an issue we stop the fish oil electively about 10 days out.

But we always start with Omega 3.

The next obvious step is the equivalent of spark plugs, tire rotation, and fuel and air filters for your car and that would be the multi vite.

Finally you need to keep the central control intact and that would be your Brain!!!

Ironically pioneering starts with small steps, You buy runway while I figure out the rest of this!!!!


Dr. Dave

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