What the Universe Really Wants!

I have a bone to pick with the “Social Media” generation. I am sad to say this includes mine! There is nothing worse than watching grown experienced adults move everything from FB to IG then onto TikTok just because “everyone’s doing it”.

Whatever useless moronic feature is touted (this one has 30 second videos instead of 60 so it caters to a population with the attention span of a goldfish!), there is little difference between them and email.

There are any number of venues I am on that I NEVER use because why?! Email was good enough! Well email takes too long- a direct quote from the teenage daughter of a friend. Along with of course the visual modifications and sound tracks that HAVE to be there now because why watch what a person is doing and interpret it for yourself when there is music to guide your feelings or allow you to pretty much ignore what is being presented. “Oh, I love that song!

Here’s a tip email doesn’t take as long as it does for me to bother to check Facebook messages, Tick Tock dms, IG messages unless I know the person, LinkedIn Twitter, Technorati and any number of platforms that no longer exist that I don’t know because I never used them. I cannot imagine a life with so little to do but go around to a dozen different ways to contact me that I currently ignore. Email still works though and given the 6-8 month lag time for me to even look at the other attention sucubusses out there it’s still faster!

Everything is an entertainment experience. All removed from whatever truth you attach to the 3D world and maybe a convenient distraction. Harmless you say. Er, yes except for the gigantic time sink and potential income spent on ads. Or for the subtle messaging that creeps into your subconscious. On a recent trip I made the mistake of watching the “news”. I had nothing but nightmares every night. I wonder why!!!

Fortunately my reality and its’ poor second cousin my perception is not dictated by the media.

Honestly you and I have better things to do. On rare occasions some of these tools, and yes that is what they are tools, not overlords can be used to learn something great. YAY!

But your mind has to be in a receptive and creative state.

This is how I make sure those 2 things are happening no matter what is in my reality!

It’s been said that the Yin and Yang must always be in balance or you are not! If you look at something as a stimulating tool for growth and a source of different ideas and opinions you may find Social Media quite useful in SMALL doses. Brain Force helps me to stay focused, make creative leaps and avoid going down the rabbit hole of mindless entertainment that yields nothing for me!

Yes, I may be selfish but rather than a “tool for connecting” which sounds so sweet and nice I use it as a tool for my own personal growth.

You have free will and choice, but if you find yourself wasting more time than you “should” try Brain Force 1 and find out who the REAL force to be reckoned with is*

If “The Universe” really wants more for you** than keeping the planets in orbit and raw creation and recycling it’s that YOU become the best you can be in spite of swimming in a cesspool of human greed and narcissism and in ineptitude that surrounds us!

All things must pass” George Harrison (probably via Hari Kunzru or the Buddha) Be smart and healthy when they do!

Dr Dave

*We just got a decent restock so there is no back list on Brain Force 1! Several others have come in but prices are scheduled to go up on all of them in the next 3 weeks! I absolutely detest that this must be done so I have been shouting from the rooftops: You can lock in at “pre-Crisis” prices now and forever but only if you act now on continuity and subscription

**Honestly, I have no friggin’ idea “What the Universe Wants” and I will never personally start a serious sentence that way. I do however think that a chance at life on what could be a paradise planet is enough. I don’t think my personal happiness, wealth or health are the concern of “THE UNIVERSE” I own those responsibilities. I’ll let it handle black holes, all kinds of radiation, gravitational pulls orbits and other such forces in this version of our reality. So, Unless you are the almighty, don’t tell me what the Universe wants lol!

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