Dr Who? Or, It’s not Pretty!

We all like pretty things.

Pretty boxes, pretty bows, pretty shoes, pretty people.

But in all cases it’s what’s inside the box that matters.

In spite of all the lip service paid to appreciating inner beauty all Kim K has to do is pose (yes you don’t see her without professional make up and professional photography!) in a bikini and it’s splattered all over every media outlet that is not busy covering death, doom and destruction.

I have no idea what is inside Kim K and I don’t care any more than she does about me (hint: Dr Who?!).

She can do Kim I’ll do Dr. Dave, plain and simple.

I don’t make a habit of blowing my own horn. It seems classless and spanks of desperation and charlatanism especially in health care and science.

But as the world turns it appears more and more people are putting BS in pretty boxes, spinning fancy tales that cannot be substantiated and making claims with lots of plausible deniability.

While you may think I am talking about politics, I am not actually.

I am talking about “thought leaders” who like the sound of their own voice, the way they look in professional photos and the way hanging out with real thought leaders makes them appear to be smarter, and more leader like than they are.

Creating a company is not hard. Creating something rare, one of a kind and truly useful is hard!

Surviving 20 years in small business has also been no mean feat!

But, I create things- real things- patented things you cannot get elsewhere – Telokynase for example.

Skin and Hair serums as another.

I do not repackage these things that are made elsewhere by someone else. I identified the molecules, co-created the extraction process and patented both. I don’t spin up cool names that mean nothing but sound magical or put stuff in metaphysical appearing boxes. My labels are admittedly simple but what is inside the box (bottle) is unique.

Notice the absence of the word “very” in front of unique. There is no such thing as “very unique”. Unique is an absolute! It is or it isn’t, kinda like pregnancy! You are or you aren’t!

I am unique. I am an absolute and I am as genuine and real as the day is long. I am sorry to have to remind people of that but in this me, me, look at me world the truth (again not “my truth” but THE TRUTH) gets lost in the pretty packages, fame by association and frankly, just lies and BS.

Here is a link you can hit to read some of the research and presentations I have made over the many years I have been at this. Many of the doctors and researchers I work with are also some of the most famous people in the field. People you are not likely to ever hear of unless some “thought leader” shows up next to them for fame and credibility by association.

Especially recommended is the paper on the anti-inflammatory effects of stem cells (my co authors are giants in the field- real ones not fake ones!) as anti-aging therapy and the lectures on telomeres and aging. Now google your favorite “thought leader” and see what they have actually published, and what they have actually contributed.

And don’t be surprised!

The tactics used to gather false fame will always work. They hit the emotional center of the brain called the amygdala (more on that soon!). They are used in sales and especially the media to emotionalize everything and get you to mindlessly act without asking critical questions.

You can know a lot of real and honest info about me and my level of expertise and what makes me “absolute” and genuine in a field of pretenders.

The people I work with are driven by the love of real science, faux I scientism!. They are driven by a desire to improve the world and the health and well being of the people in it.

Check out the link and again, don’t be surprised.

A critical question you might want to ask is “With all of these achievements why aren’t you better known?!*

All the Best

, Dr Dave

*Answer: Because I use what I do to help, not to feed my ego and my wallet! I KNOW ME. Much as I might like you and enjoy your company, that is all that matters in the long run.

But who knows, maybe some famous person or thought leader will snap a pic and tag me lol!

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