Boosting Your Immunity for Whatever Comes Your Way

You might have read some of my emails reviewing the link between Immunity and Longevity.

As a brief review the White Blood Cells which include several subtypes including the first line of defense, Natural Killer Cells and all the cells that “store” immunity from being exposed to infections or if vaccines are effective (how many boosters are we at?) vaccine induced immunity.

While the world wallows in ennui over the next round of viral or other contagions it still makes a ton of sense to buffer yourself any way you can.

Enter the Telomere!

Contrary to some recent published articles White Blood Cells (WBC) do have some telomerase activity.

They more or less have to or they would not be able to provide you with any long term protection. But they are low activity. There is higher activity in sperm and eggs but much of that is hormone dependent and fades with age.

Stem cells also have significant activity including the stem cells that are the forerunners of your immune system. But, again, this fades with time and age and repeated exposure to oxidation (free radicals). For quite some time people had said stem cells are immortal. This is true only of Induced Stem cells and embryonic cells neither of which are part of normal aging humans!!!

So, by way of review the cells that protect your body, govern information AND HEALING are telomerase sensitive.

Activating the telomerase enzyme has been shown to increase the number of naive active stem cells in your system and in some cases (Covid was never and will never be tested as long as vaccines are being sold) clear if of viruses.

Improving the ability of your telomeres to withstand oxidative stress (free radicals) has been shown to improve the function and prolong the life of the immune cells as well by reducing telomere loss and cellular aging.

I make 2 supplements designed and created exclusively by me for these purposes. The first is Telokynase which has preserved stem cell stemness by over 40% (lab results posted on the site) and compared to the gold standard telomerase supplement boosts telomerase activity over 200% more. We will be repeating those studies with our newer more bioavailable creation shortly.

On the anti-oxidant end with some possible telomerase activity is the Immortality Edge Packs.

Speaking of that I also offer Immune Booster 2.0 which by virtue of potentially preventing viral attachment by neuraminidase inhibition may help if you are exposed to viruses.

If you wonder why no one has really gone to town in mapping out immunity there are several reasons.

  1. Vaccines are simple to make, easy to distribute and have huge profit margins.
  2. Immunology is NOT an exact science by any means with all due respect to my colleagues. As many people as there are is the number of possible responses to any immune challenge or modifier.
  3. This is why I make no medical claims and use soft language (that and I do not want any more scrutiny than has already come my way by the “authorities”). It would however seem that natural products that address the root cause of weak immune system should be the wave of the future.

It’s here now !

Wishing you a happy and safe Autumn,

Dr Dave

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