Houston Methodist Identifies New Way to Stop Aging!

Researchers at the Houston Methodist have identified a new way to stop aging. The target the end cap of the chromosome called the Telomere with a genetic signal that turns on telomerase by introducing a telomerase activation sequence.

They are encouraged by their findings which right away improved cellular function in aging cells. The next step is to target aging in humans. But of course, if you want a drug you have to treat a disease so progeria, a disease where children age prematurely due to short(ening) telomeres is first on the list.

My how modern science has advanced and YAY for a multi billion dollar drug that will cure a disease in a small number of people.

But not one word is mentioned about “normal” aging in adults which must also be considered premature since the longest-lived human showed us at least 122 years and most of them functional.

And this we see the conundrum of Anti-Aging medicine.

No drug no money.

NO desire to treat aging because 70-80 years is “normal” and hell some virus man made or otherwise is likely to render any drug for adults as pointless anyway, right?!

A few weeks ago, I wrote you and email entitled “The Clairvoyant”. I also wrote one that also made it to press called “Have you heard this before?

In both cases I pointed out how for several years I have been talking about “Brand New” discoveries that are NOT NEW because I told you about them years ago from my own thought processes, research and supplement development.

But because they are not supplements and I am not currently University affiliated they are not even seen by the scientific geniuses that publish these new findings years after I have.

This will never change until I change one of my supplements into a drug. That is cost prohibitive and carries the risk of the drug rights being bought out so the drug never makes it to market and never can damage someone else’s profit margin.

This happens all the time!

But anyway, I would like to remind you that I make a bona fide telomerase activator Telokynase and a fantastic Telomere enhancer The Immortality Edge Packs.

Big Pharma has not come knocking but the “supply chain crisis” has suggested we may run into raw material issues for both products, especially Telokynase.

Get on continuity/subscription for what you want now and at the very least you’ll get it until the last drop of raw material dries up….. and avoid the inevitable price increase!

Speaking of price increases I warned everyone 90 days or so ago Fish Oil would go up yet again after the initial price increase. This is going to happen but we never have raised the price on our continuity/subscription customers always locking them in at their initial price and always serving them first when supplies get tight. We also will be placing all new orders for cases on backorder next week (subscription customers will still get there orders for as long as possible!)

All I can do is tell you what is going to happen.

It’s up to you whether you want to do something about it.

In the meantime, remember all the things I have told you about health and medical issues and how many of them have panned out down the road. If you missed “The Clairvoyant” you’ll want to catch up to hear about yet another thing I have been saying for years that is now “Brand New” and exciting.

I suppose I should be grateful someone else finally stumbled onto it after all the education and lab facilities and grants they get to develop intelligence all the while pointing out that quacks and charlatans like me are of now value!

You Decide!


Staying in my own Center

-Dr Dave

Oh Yeah and to all the PhMD geniuses out there who’ve questioned my knowledge and my motives-You are clueless and can Kiss my rear end!

And PS my book “The Immortality Edge” on this very topic was published by Wiley and sons in 2010- 12 years ago. Obviously the only PhD’s that read it called it ”speculative”. Guess I speculated right yet again.

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