Telomeres and Viral Immunity

Some of you asked why we didn’t test specifically for respiratory viruses with Telokynase and The Immortality Edge Packs.

The answer is timing (a personal favorite of mine- not) and regulations. Just because we have shown some viral inhibition especially with telokynase in the viruses that exist chronically inside your cells does not mean we have cart blanche to grab viral samples of the current seasonal problem variety. These viruses are closely guarded for some obvious reasons but the less obvious ones are that certain agencies do have cart blanche and are not about to let their power be diluted.

It is highly unlikely that anytime in the near future we’ll be able to get those kinds of samples for direct testing.

What we are planning with the other viruses I mentioned are viral clearing analysis where we can clear a volunteer’s blood of the viral load. That will most likely happen late this year or early next year.

Remember these are telomere support and telomerase activation agents first and foremost, not drugs to combat cancer or viruses even if they demonstrate that ability.

On that end please be advised that the T cell immunity that is boosted when telomeres are healthy and/or longer is essential to combating most viruses, bacteria and the ravages of aging. I have said more than once, “the key to healthy aging is a healthy immune system”.

I think it’s fair to call these products potential immune boosters based on that.

We are still running the special on The Immortality Edge Packs for another day or so.

Also, good news, 50 bottles of Telokynase are on their way from the lab because we had enough raw material left over. Rather than save it for the next batch a few months down the road it made sense to do it right now.

Back orders will be filled first on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in getting on Telokynase in time for the current pandemic order here and rest assured as soon as we have it it will be sent out to you. Shelf life is 1.5 years when stored in cool dry conditions.

In the meantime, be aware my podcast channel is about to go live for your entertainment and knowledge so stay tuned for that.

And finally, I am bringing back a very limited quantity of my time-tested formula from way back in 2003, the essential oil based “Cold and Flu”. I marketed essential oils from 2002-2005 and have no great desire to go back into the business (fun but labor intensive and time consuming!). But right now, Cold and Flu couldn’t be more helpful so keep your eyes out for that in the next few days.

I’ll put some vids up of how I make all-natural cleaners and hand cleansers etc. very soon as well.

Helping you Stay Healthy, Younger and Stronger!

Dr Dave

PS Essential oils are considered CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) which means there can be preventative claims when justified, not curative however. For the record I would use the verbiage “helps prevent” or “May prevent” to describe the bacterial and viricidal properties of the oils.

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