The Clairvoyant!?

“For The First Time”! Boy have I read those words a lot. I used to get miffed because this is the kind of stuff I’ve been saying to you for decades in some cases.

But, it’s amazing how many things I’ve told you over the years appear in Scientific Publications “for the first time”!

Now to be fair, just because I say something doesn’t make it so even if I have a near 100% track record of accuracy. I have only published one paper on telomeres and aging and it was not in a huge impact journal so the scientists who did the most recent work (see below) almost certainly did not read it.

Also, to be fair no scientist is going to listen to little old me let alone acknowledge where the “first time” ideas come from. There are a lot of people out there making a lot of money selling Omega 3’s that were in diapers when I started. Some of them still should be!

Another act of fairness comes in the form of the “Dr Who” email from a few weeks ago. I guarantee the scientists that “for the first time” linked mitochondrial dysfunction to telomere loss never read one of my emails or even the paper I mentioned above.

The final act of fairness comes in the following statement, “Publish or Perish”. PhD scientists need to publish or they are not recognized. Similarly, ideas that are not substantiated by rigorous lab methods are just that – ideas.

But now for the good news. If you read the ingredients in Toco Q (which got enough attention from another company that we had to change its’ original name for their fear of losing business!) you know I know about the connection between mitochondria and telomere attrition and have for years. Better yet, If you’ve been taking Toco Q for that time period you have been benefiting from the healthy effects of Ubiquinol and Tocotrienols for years as well.

I won’t go into the scientific detail of what I have said or what is said in the “for the first time” article. You can read the reference.

But briefly as I have said, dysfunctional aging mitochondria are part of the self fulfilling prophesy of aging. The more you age the more you age because the more dysfunction you cannot repair. That problem is what Toco Q is designed to address by providing first step raw materials for you mitochondria and a potent anti-oxidant that is not usually found at all let alone next to Co Q. Tocotrienol is also a putative telomerase activator that may lengthen your telomeres. I told you why but now you can read it in a scientific journal.

I address the issue of telomere shortening with Telokynase, a molecule that I discovered, purified and am in patent pending.

And then there is the Immortality Edge Packs. I’ve wrapped all 3 of these amazing products in the Telomere Edge Bundle at a deeply discounted price. I won’t bore you with yet another price increase warning but stuff is bound to go up in this economy! Some of my stuff already has!!!

I always tell you to Act Now but if you’ve been waiting for traditional scientific validation now you have it.

One parting shot. Knowing what I know is NOT Rocket Science! I have good connections, sources and connectedness.

The “Clairvoyant” first timer,

Dr Dave

Reference: Aging Cell July 25 Huang, et al.

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