A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

What would a dream summer look like to you?!

I have to confess I tend to live my dreams for real at least those that are dependent only on my input. I never stop thinking of the next thing to the point where I “get ahead of myself”. But I’m here to tell you that when you pre pave the way for something it rarely stays away from you.

One of the things I love about summer are the long days and while I tend to get up with the sun and go to sleep soon after it sets, I get a ton done that is fun for me.

Right now, if you follow my Instagram, you’ll see I am building a deck or basically a deck extension to house outdoor workouts and Yoga practice. In 7 days or so this dream will be realized and I will have done something by myself that I only dreamed of before. And just like 10 summers ago I will have tangible proof that I live a magical, exceptional life. In that proof will be the letting go of any doubts, grief or losses that may have caused me to question that – virus or no virus.

Ten summers ago, it was a 100km race through the Canadian Rockies- again a dream fulfilled.

But such physical exertion and the manifestation of dreams requires a couple of exceptional things.

First it requires a good night’s sleep – dream space if you will. Whenever that in itself seems like a dream I reach for Sweet Sleep Z, my potent blend of all-natural sleep aids that sets my body’s time clock up for guaranteed success during the waking hours.

It also requires a ton of energy and focus during those waking hours. For that I reach for the Energy Pack and Brain Force One.

I’ve never been shy about optimizing my performance with the help of Mother Nature!

Now more than ever I can tell you the current changeable circumstances require some serious new dreams and new skills. I have shared my secrets with you for the coming rest of summer and beyond.

I can help keep you healthier but its up to you to Dream Big!

Without all of our Big Dreams, we are Lost!

Stay focused, stay healthy and stay Found.


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