Luck, Stuck, Sticky, and Satisfaction

One of the things I have noticed in life is that if you can enjoy at least one part of your day, or be satisfied or even proud of one achievement, the rest of the day usually goes better.

Of course, sometimes the shxt hits the fan and the day is not what you would have wished. But rarely is it all bad.

I get through the slings and arrows of everyday life by pinning my attention on the good stuff.

On the completion of yet another book, the tentative title of which is “Navigating You- a Guide to Getting Permanently Unstuck!” I realized the tremendous satisfaction that comes from finishing a challenging task.

It has been “almost done” for several months as I waited for some information, I thought was needed to complete it. Then I realized that I, me, myself, would have to complete everything or it would NEVER get done.

Ugh! What bad energy that was sticking to me and I did not even realize it!

But getting unstuck myself (hence the title- the contents of what I wrote really helped me), led to tremendous satisfaction.

But enough about me, here are some things to ponder so you can apply them to YOUR life.

  1. Ask the question: Why am I stuck and where am I stuck?  Its rare to find someone who is so self-satisfied that nothing in their life could be improved! If you are in that wonderful position then just continue to do what you are doing and take care of your health
  2. Accept responsibility for your participation in the sticky stuck energy. It’s easy to blame others but it usually comes out of trying to control the “HOW” of how things happen rather than the ultimate outcome. Once again, a personal example: I was waiting for another individual to do what they said. When it did not happen, I started to second guess myself and had to suppress some anger. Eventually, the ah ha moment was “If it’s that Important to You- Do it Yourself!”
  3. If you come to the conclusion that you are OK to tolerate unfinished business then bury it. Do not dwell. Accept your acceptance and let it be.  If it galls you again and again it is something that needs to be resolved and finished. Accept that as well!

My final comment on this topic, is pretty much a paraphrase from the book (should be out by the New Year! On Amazon)- Everything is energy. Even bad energy can be harnessed and turned into a good result. Lemonade from lemons as it were.

This is how you MAKE your own luck!

All of that said, Energy is your most precious resource, not time. As you enter different phases in your life this will become eminently clear if it is not yet.

This is why I make Energy Maxx and the Daily Dose Pack– so I can maximize my satisfaction in each and every day.

Might be something that could help you get Unstuck and enjoy life even more.

We honestly do not know when this show is going to end. It’s worth it to be healthy for as much of it as possible.

Come Join Me!


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