A Lie that Never Dies

I don’t know if you have been around as long as I have. But if you have surely you have seen that certain lies or permutations of those lies never seem to really go away. They may disappear for a while and then after the apparently short memory span of people erodes, they resurface to shock and upset a new group of people.

From a marketing standpoint the most potent lies in terms of getting eyeballs are the ones that say the exact opposite of what people know to be fact from science and from personal experience.

In the Fish oil business, it is and always has been in vogue to lie or “misrepresent” data about the healthy or so called harmful effects of fish oil.

A while back a PhD named Braskey got his moment of fame by stating that fish oil might increase the rate of prostate cancer and people should be taking omega 6 instead. That made headlines for days and the refutes and retorts that disproved the study got almost no press. No doubt some other horrible headline took over.

Sound familiar???

Well, honestly, I thought I had seen the last of the “Styrofoam Test” that was intermittently used to suggest that fish oil was very very bad for you because it dissolves Styrofoam. That is until a friend sent me a new version with a very studious young man of Asian descent wagging his finger and showing how fish oil ate a hole in a Styrofoam cup. At the bottom were memes for danger and poison.

Interestingly no words were spoken that could implicate said individual as a liar and a phony. All just visuals.

At first, I thought about saying how this proves that fish oil would be good for detoxing from Styrofoam toxicity, but then I realized someone somewhere would probably take me seriously.

So here is the truth.

  1. Fish oil does indeed dissolve Styrofoam. Mine in particular being essentially equal to pharmaceutical versions* will dissolve it right quick! Lesser brands will take longer because they are not as concentrated.
  2. ALL read that again ALL biologic organic acids will dissolve Styrofoam. That includes some olive oils, lemon oil, tea tree oil, grapefruit oil and dozens more that are readily consumed by millions every day as food stuffs. Do you know of any cases where this has caused major health problems?
  3. Styrofoam is a trademarked manmade version of the plastic polystyrene and is not found in nature. Read that again because unless you have a serious eating disorder you should have zero, absolutely zero detectable Styrofoam in your body. And if by chance you did dissolving it so it could be excreted would be a potentially GOOD thing.
  4. The fact that all organic acids dissolve Styrofoam has absolutely nothing to do with human health or biology. It’s a cheap parlor trick by people who are either FOS, Lying or extremely ignorant. Any of the above can find me here if they want to debate it in person on TV!
  5. If you have a measurable Styrofoam level in your body you are probably already dead and consuming fish oil will not add to that condition.

In summary this demonstration is ludicrous and nonsensical BS.

Fish Oil remains one of the single most healthy supplements you can consume in quantity on a daily basis for a healthy body. I have been doing so for well over 20 years and have not developed any of the so called risks that have been attributed to it including having my Styrofoam dissolved.

I’d laugh if this crap did not continue to be resurrected by people whose agenda cannot be human health. Then again, the power of lies, and fear never seems to dissipate.

We have a decent supply of fish oil right now so get it and stay on it! As I have been mentioning prices sadly must go up. Every piece of the supply chain costs more including a whopping 500% increase in delivery to our warehouse. The Oil that goes into our capsules is in short supply, and our future orders can only be filled at half the rate we normally order because it simply is not available. Act accordingly!

But as of this moment I’ve held off and you can still lock in continuity/subscription at pre nonsense prices. I’ll hold the line as long as I can, just know that change is (unfortunately) coming!

To your health!

Dr Dave

*The use of the words “Pharmaceutical Grade” in the same sentence as “Fish Oil” have been banned by the FDA and FTC since there are now prescription versions of fish oil.

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