Take 18% off Two of our Best Sellers

I’ve pointed out the vagaries of small business a lot these days but there are some bright spots.

Where I am able to actually supervise and make products directly which includes Telokynase and both of our amazing and unique exosome based hair and skin serums. I can to some extent control the production and delivery. The only short coming is all of these products still need raw materials.

That is not within my control completely but I am not at the mercy of some off shore vengeance for import policies or simple “Hey we can charge more so we are going to!” tactics.

The good news is that in celebration of Memorial Day I can offer you 18% off the Hair Growth Serum and also the amazing rejuvenating Skin Serum AND free Shipping on either of both. And while we’re at it, Telokynase is also in stock and getting the same amazing discount!

This is a 24-hour sale only so take advantage of it while you can.

I wish I could tell you more about the future but as Jim Morrison said many decades ago, “The Future’s Uncertain…

But you can be certain of 2 things: This sale is real and there are NO OTHER products out there on the market like these. I personally formulated and supervise the production of each one. This is not some fancy pretty box with a woo woo name that is simply something bought from a large supplier and renamed exoctica sold by someone claiming to be a thought leader!

It’s my own formulation and I use both every single day. No one else has it and unless they have access to the science, the scientists and the uber specialized production facilities I do they cannot copy it!

Daily use can show results in as little as 2 weeks! And, a great habit to get into to preserve your skin and hair and the health of each of them. That’ll keep you looking younger longer for sure!!!

18% off today only!!!

Survive and thrive this Happy Memorial Day!


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