Last Chance to Save!

Ninety Days ago, give or take I let you know that Fish oil is going up- this time another 4 dollars per bottle.

But I thought I’d give you one last chance to get it at prior pricing. Also starting next week cases of Fish Oil are going to be placed on back order and only individual bottles will be available We will only be sending out cases to our subscription customers because of the unpredictability of the supply chain. We are patiently waiting on more to come in, but we need to make sure we keep enough in stock for those of you on subscriptions!

Even with the 2 increases we are still not catching up completely with the cost increases, the rise in MOQ’s and of course the 500% increase in shipping due to Mr. Putin’s war, the Covid Crisis and of course the Supply Chain back log.

I have voiced my opinion on all that many times but in point of fact unless you in a very rarefied atmosphere You and I are powerless to stop it…. Unless you act now and take advantage before the price goes up.

As a reminder we have not ever and do not plan to raise the prices on our wonderful continuity/subscription customers. Some of you are paying 2004 prices. Back in 2004 those looked to be on the high end of the Fish Oil market but I bet you are not sorry now!

And I am honored by your continued loyalty in the face of a lot of reasons to bail!

But thanks to you all we are not going anywhere at the moment and we’ve survived a series of crisis that would have and actually have ended other businesses.

As I said at the end of an 80 mile Canadian Death Race almost 15 years ago. “I am not a quitter!”

So, if it’s in the cards for you and you know the value of what you are getting and want to save, this is indeed the last chance!

Continuity/subscription even on small orders is a good idea since we honor those orders first and again do not raise your price. You are locked in!!

This may not seem like a great cause for celebration but it coincides with another Birthday for me 😊

I am now a year younger, wiser, stronger, tougher and clearer on who belongs in my life!

I wish the same for you and hope you will continue to let me enrich yours!

Best, Dr Dave

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