The Invisible Man

Wow! And Thanks!!!

I was pleasantly surprised at how many people got back to me after the most recent email (The Sky is Falling).  I realize how busy everyone is and that its also summer so it was especially gratifying

I have often said I do what I do because its what I believe in and I do it for me and the ones I love but everyone is welcome to join.

Its nice to see so many people are still interested given the numerous distractions that vie for our limited attention.

 I want to repeat something I said years ago… It was probably around the time I wrote The Longevity Edge so that would have been around 2010.  I mentioned that there were 2 trains leaving the station. 

One had people who were proactive, self motivated to be the best they could be and willing to take the necessary steps to take advantage of a time when we really could (and can) impact on our health and probably our life spans.

That was the small train but it was important none the less. The other train was packed full of people who basically left matters of their health and wellness to “the professionals”.  Keep in mind I was and still am one of those, and yet no one will be a bigger advocate for your questions and your self education than me!

Sadly, its predictable what will happen to the bulk of people on the big train. Hint: it will involve a steady slow decline into old age with all its attendant fears. Pretty much none of them will be truly helped by “modern medicine”.  There will be lots of drugs, lots of fear-based advertising and a demand for your freedom and your mind! 

The sad part is a lot of people on that train already see where its going and STILL buy the nonsense.

I am so glad to have, in my own small way helped assure you have a chance to benefit from the real advances that are happening. Those that are geared towards better health, less dependence, self empowerment and knowledge that will put many of the “professionals” to shame.

But don’t expect it to be easy!  Power structures fight tooth and nail to keep their power. But we are seeing what happens before our very eyes when it all comes apart.

I admire my colleagues who struggle day to day in the once hallowed halls of medicine.  I do not admire their future however or the future they are OBLIGATED to deliver to patients.

Thanks for staying on the train for so long and seeing it through.

Speaking of seeing it through, I make the most amazing Anti-Aging Multi out there.

I have no other sales message for you today, only a pat on the back and a thank you for reminding me that I am not yet invisible!

Best, Dr Dave

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