When someone asks me what the hardest task I ever completed in supplement design is I answer, “Designing a Multi Vite” without hesitation.

Everyone has a Multi and some are actually quite good.

Then there is the issue of how much of something can be put into a capsule and still leave room for anything else. Finally, there is the question of how to stay competitive on price in such a tight market.

My answer to the design question was to change the rules of the game.  Instead of creating just another Multi-Vite I wanted to create an “Anti-Aging” Multi.

One look at what is in Young Life Daily and you’ll see I succeeded in creating a complete and completely different Multi than anything else out there! Everything you could need and want is in the capsules.

And now, Especially Now we have the price issue nailed to the wall because its our Featured Holiday Sale Item with both the lowest price of the year!

Everyone needs a Multi.  Why not enjoy the best?!  And remember it makes a phenomenal gift for someone you love/like/wanna keep healthy!

Enjoy In Joy!


Dr Dave


When I introduced my wonderful new Young Life Daily I reminded you of some disturbing facts.

We are encouraged to eat more fruits and vegetables so we can get all the magical life extending and health expanding compounds in them. Current diets aside, why is it then that as a population we are getting sicker even as we add just a few paltry years to our life spans?

You can go down the list of just about everything and find something to gripe about but we most certainly have more food choices than ever. You would think with the world at our doorstep we would never run out of heathy and nutritious foods.

Problem 1: What is healthy and nutritious. We can look at all kinds of diets from Mediterranean to Vegan to Paleo and Keto and find no real answers. I think we can pretty much agree that those agencies we have put in charge of diet have failed to provide useful diets or useful answers. This means you have to try stuff for yourself and see.

To paraphrase an old adage applied to exercise- the best diet is the one you stick with!

Problem 2: The ugly specter of poor soil quality raises its ugly head. Even organic grown produce may contain pesticides long banned from the US because of deep tilling. And how much of our food comes from poorer countries that still use DDT!
Problem 3: The soil quality issue is one that is hotly debated. It is estimated that there is at least 50% reduction in mineral and nutrient content of our foods. This may not just be due to poor soil but also to genetic manipulation to yield larger and faster growing crops and increase yield with that poorer soil.
Problem 4:  I won’t even touch the issue of GMO here except to say that almost everyone is eating something that has been GMO’d along the way.
Problem 5:  The next reasonable assumption would be, “OK I’ll just eat twice as much fruits and vegetables so it will all even out.” Then you will be dealing with potentially harmful sugar (fructose) content and of course any pesticide issues. Then there is the issue of cost. Organic foods are not cheap- witness the nick name for Whole Foods- Whole Paycheck!

All of this makes a pretty solid argument for the regular use of a Multi Vite as fairly cheap nutritional insurance. There will always be the argument from pharmacy lovers that vitamins just give you expensive urine. And the argument that absorption is poor.

There are very few studies to prove any of that, it’s usually just some de facto “expert” saying so when there is no real expertise in the field of nutraceuticals on hand.

As I pointed out in a recent blog Entitled “Are You Getting Enough?” some experts don’t even know where the vitamin metabolites wind up. Yet we believe them!

For the record I have always used multiple dose (3-6 a day) vege caps to provide my multis. This is much closer to the raw form and I am 100% certain your body absorbs them and can utilize them.

But I want to move on to some stuff you probably didn’t know.

A favorite topic of mine for the last 10 years has been the biologic time clocks known as telomeres.
While the FTC takes umbrage with statements that suggest telomere length is correlated with longevity and health span as well as cellular aging, and that lengthening telomeres may reverse this, there is science on pub med that backs this up. Because of the current climate of persecution, I simply have to ask you to go there and research it for yourself. At the end I will give you some references.

In addition, there is some science to suggest that multi-vites reduce the prototypical inflammatory bio marker- homocysteine.

So I cannot be accused of making things up, here is a direct quote from one of the studies referring to cognition and multi-tasking.

“Those in the vitamin/mineral group exhibited an attenuation of the negative effects of extended task completion on mood/fatigue. Multi-tasking performance for this group was also improved in terms of accuracy across all tasks, and on two of the individual tasks (Mathematical Processing and Stroop) in terms of both faster and more accurate responses”

And another: “MVM supplementation may have beneficial effects on mood, underpinned by elevated B-vitamins and lowered homocysteine in healthy young adults.”

So here is the Acid test! If you feel as good as you want by just eating then skip the multi vites. You might want to ask your doctor to do a homocysteine level first though.

If you think you could feel better and or you have a test level that needs addressing, multi vites may be just the ticket.

A little insurance never hurt!



PS remember case price discounts are available on most of my stuff!




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*These articles are for reference only and do not constitute a specific recommendation for any of my products or claims thereof!

The best way for me to cover all the stuff I want to tell you is in simple bullet point form and that is what I am going to do. But first let me say one thing that is critical: If you are a healthy person this diet is not going to pose any serious risks to you.  That said run it by your own personal health care professional before you try it. So let me start the bullet points with a few “safety issues”

  • Ketosis is not Ketoacidosis. Ketosis is not dangerous. Your body can easily run on ketone bodies for a lot longer than you would think-possibly forever- as long as the nutritional makeup of your diet and the number of calories is sufficient to sustain you in healthy condition. Ketoacidosis happens to insulin dependent diabetics and in some less frequent cases to others. Most Type 2 diabetics will not have ketoacidosis but if you are a Type 2 Don’t try this without strict ongoing (like all day everyday) medical supervision from a qualified professional. Or at least get the blessing of yours before you do this!
  • You have heard me mention “starvation range” when referring to ketones of 4 millimoles and higher. This is a somewhat arbitrary definition but these ranges require sever calorie restriction.  Your average Ketogenic Diet will not get you to these ranges and you may not need them to “treat” certain illnesses.  I chose to go Calorie Restricted to try to fill the 2 main recommendations of the CRKD for “cancer prevention” * low blood sugars and high ketones to starve cancer cells and preserve normal ones.
  • Isn’t starvation unhealthy?  For short periods of times no. How short? Well 7 days is no big deal and if you look at the numbers I was only “there” for about 4 days out of the total.  Short term starvation may be just the thing to recycle sick mitochondria via autophagy (look it up!) and sick cells via apoptosis (you’ve heard me explain that one before too so look it up as well!).
  • Isn’t hypoglycemia dangerous!!!  Answer: it depends how you got there.  If you took too much insulin or skipped a meal on your oral anti-diabetic meds you got there artificially and had no time to generate alternate fuels e.g. ketone bodies then it’s dangerous. If you got there the way I did with gradual calorie restriction and you are generally healthy you will not suffer any symptoms from hypoglycemia because your body will have plenty of ketones to run on alternatively. So using this diet to induce hypoglycemia is not dangerous provided you to it the way I did or follow some recommended guideline.


Ok now on to some cool observations:

*Fish oil Doses: Because there was so little food intake and specifically almost no Omega 6 fat intake there was no need to hit the fish oil hard. One to three caps every other day was plenty enough to keep the blood flowing easily for my finger stick checks of sugar and ketones.

*In Dr Seyfried’s book he recommends avoiding caffeine altogether and no strenuous exercise- just walking!  I did not obey those commands for various reasons but I can tell you the amount of coffee required to wake up when you are not eating anything goes way, way down.  A 6 ounce cup would be reheated several times throughout the day and still have some left when I went to bed.

You will notice my blood sugars were very low on some occasions and much closer to normal on others. Generally this is the effect of exercise which does several things that are actually shared by caffeine consumption.

First it bangs on your adrenal glands and stimulates them to release “adrenergic” (stimulant) chemicals. This drives up our blood sugar even when there is little or no sugar in your diet.

Initially this comes from stored liver glycogen but that lasts hours not days so the only other reasonable source is gluconeogenesis* This means your body is going to breakdown that hard earned muscle you put on in the gym to keep your blood sugar up!  Remember how I told you weight loss was not the primary goal of this experiment?  Well body building sure as heck wasn’t either!

So the further you go into ketosis the more muscle you are going to lose.

OK now some final observations:

  • Mood and mental function: Although one or two people might disagree I did not notice any changes or moodiness at all.  I felt great and great about myself most of the time LOL! There were moments when my brain did not want to tackle any complex tasks or mental gymnastics but this was not all the time.  I found this to be more a function of high ketones than low blood sugar.
  • The one kinda creepy aspect of the whole thing that really hit me during the hypoglycemia and big time ketosis periods was an eerie feeling that it was ok to keep starving.  Almost like they say freezing to death is not so bad. I just felt like I could keep this up forever. Fortunately my first spoon full of high carb sugary dried fruit “healthy” granola knocked me right back into reality LOL! Yum does my body love SUGAR!!!
  • I “failed” to achieve the constant low blood sugars recommended because I refused to give up my exercise routines which would be considered “intense” under the circumstances.  This was personal choice and a matter of curiosity as well.  I did notice I tried a little bit sooner than usual and occasionally skipped the last set or cut a kilometer off a run but in general my performances were on par and on the last gym visit better than ever!
  • Caffeine and fish oil can be reduced because they will be more effective in the face of reduced calorie intake and absorption will be faster. Do take your multi vites though  as you can start missing critical things quite fast.
  • I needed to sleep more. Indeed I would say I slept a lot more soundly than usual easily grabbing 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep when possible versus my usual 7. Again reduced caffeine intake may have played a role but I am not a huge user to begin with.
  • I was almost NEVER HUNGRY during this diet.  I am not 100% sure but I have to assume it is the magic of ketosis as an appetite suppressant.
  • I was really surprised at how little my metabolic rate changed with this diet. Even using the accurate Body Gem I was running a resting metabolic rate of just over 2000 calories when in full blown ketosis and having lost almost 10 pounds. Bottom line ketones are an effective fuel for your body and can maintain your caloric needs just fine thank you!
  • I learned how much of my own eating was “habitual” just used to eating at a certain time and making certain food choices which are actually generally healthy but often high in carbs- like certain fruits.
  • I learned that for me personally Carbs Are the ENEMY. They stimulate my appetite and my cravings and they pack on calories fast. I learned this 4 years ago when I was full bore Paleo for the better part of a year but even this short stint brought that message home in a big way.
  • I learned that it is actually very hard to keep your carb intake below 30 grams since even high protein foods have some carbs.
  • Now here is the kicker: I learned it is easier for me not to eat all together than it is to manage carb intake and “eat healthy”.  I suspect like all habits the carb habit will take some time to kick and it will always be hovering around.  It is harder for me to control my carb intake by eating “just the right amount” than it is to avoid them altogether. I am still processing this fact!

My final thoughts: This was far easier than I thought but you definitely need to have the right mind set and discern “boredom eating” from true hunger. I was not ever able to get to water only even for 24 hours and that will be a challenge I undertake in 3 to 6 months when I do this all again. For me there would be a huge difference between even 300 calories and a little flavoring than nothing but water especially since metabolically I was able to achieve pretty much the same thing. I cannot imagine exercising with zero calorie intake over a couple of days and I am not willing to give up exercising even for a week at this point!

I think overall the effects of this little dietary experiment were totally positive and there will be some long lasting good things from learning about what makes me eat and how certain foods control my behaviors more than others!

As a final bit of good news, by the time you read this I will either have interviewed or be about to interview Dr Thomas Seyfried himself!  I can hardly wait!!!!

A thinner leaner more carb free Doc!

If you make it past 55 you are most likely to die of a heart attack. If you make it past 80 it’s cancer, infection and of course the contribution of Alzheimer’s as well.

If you look at my supplement line, which I consider the only “real” anti-aging supplement line out there, especially since I am one of the few people who can get TA-65 for you.

I already fessed up that it didn’t start out that way since my training was not completed (is it ever?!) until after Dr Dave’s Best was formed but in the long run the use of things like green tea and turmeric along with hard core Omega 3 fish oil, Cordyceps and Rhodiola as well as berry extracts LONG before they were even considered seriously by science would tell you something.

Either I am very lucky, very good or a bit of both LOL!

My Daily Dose Pack is not just a bargain, it’s a revelation!  It contains fish oil, a real “anti-aging purpose designed” multi vite and of course a super potent antioxidant, Cardio Booster, to make it all sing in harmony so to speak.

Recently someone asked me if there was going to be a Daily Dose Pack Plus? What would it be?

Wow, from the mouths of babes… what a great idea.  While I work on

that let me tell you it would have 2 more things — Instant Brain Power and Super Omega 3 as an upgrade for the fish oil.

This would unfortunately add to the cost big time since both are

expensive to make (remember I make my own stuff; you can’t buy

these in the store!). Yet for those of you who want a bigger more

potent dose pack, the addition of a packet of Super Omega 3 and the

daily dose of Instant Brain Power fits the bill nicely.


The winter months are a great time to add this in and see the

difference since the stress levels on your body are generally

higher from the Holidays even if you live in warm climates.


The Daily Dose Pack is far reaching and healthy too for you.

Instant Brain and Super O extend its reach!

To ask questions or find out more about Dr. Dave’s physician-developed,
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Wouldn’t it be great if you could literally age backwards?

Well now you can with just one little pill that cost pennies a day, and your doctor does not want you to know about because it will put him out of business.

Gotcha! See what happens when copywriting supersedes science and truth? You are given something you truly want to believe and someone feeds it to you hook, line and sinker, all for a price that seems reasonable — whatever that price may be!

OK, OK, sorry — my staff has been putting some of the nonsense that so-called experts are out there hawking. You know the same people who make all kinds of crazy claims and you are just waiting for them to try on an orange suit or move to Panama because their nonsense has finally caught up with them!

Well, here is the scoop on aging at the moment. Now I am not pulling your leg or making fun of my colleagues who hire clever copywriting teams.

You actually can age backwards at least using some measure of aging and some cell lines in your body.

Right now we tell people, “make it to over 80 and you’ll start ‘outliving’ heart disease”. This has been translated by some as the “death rate goes down after 80”.

NO, it doesn’t. The death rate from cancer and infection goes up; the death rate from cardiovascular disease goes down.

If you make it past 60 and you could beat those 3 things, you have a great chance of a very long and healthy life.

So how can you age backwards?

The only way I currently know and that has been proven to do exactly what it says it does is a very expensive supplement called TA-65. It is the kind of thing we wish we could put huge numbers of people on and get age-related data much sooner, but that is not likely to happen.

No one outside of small private companies has any interest right now in preventing aging or reducing the cancer and infection rate, at least not enough to subsidize this product and make it widely available.

How valuable is it? Well, in my own version of that gum commercial on TV — you know the one where the guy comes home with 20,000 packs of gum as payment — I worked for the company that developed it for a while and I asked them to pay me in TA-65 so I, my mom and my sister could be on it.

I believe in it that much and it is that valuable. Not surprisingly, many others do as well.

What we expect with long term data on TA-65, which has been shown to lengthen the biological time clocks in a very real sense, turn them back like daylight savings time — in this case life savings time — is there will be less cancer and less infection as we age. We also know that telomeres are intimately involved in heart disease as well. The early data suggests great that telomeres are intimately involved in heart disease as well. The early data suggests great findings in bone density, immune function, blood pressure, blood sugar and inflammatory markers to name a few.

All good and all scientifically validated.

But what can the person do who cannot afford the supplement (it ranges between $2,200 and $8,000 a year)?

The answer is simple: Green tea, multi-vites and fish oil.

All have been shown to SLOW DOWN the rate at which the time clocks tick and get shorter. This translates into longer life among the people that were studied. It also translates into better health, making this combination of multi-vites, green tea and fish oil a very real contender for the best of the anti-aging “drugs” out there that are affordable to just about everyone who really cares about their life, the lives of their loved ones and their health as well.

I make the best fish oil and Omega 3 supplements in the world bar none. But it does increase the viability of cells and I have verified that in the very same lab that tests for lengthening of your time clocks.

I also make a tremendous multi-vite that has green tea extract in it and I let you combine it with one of the best antioxidants out there, called Cardio Booster.

This combination is called the Daily Dose Pack it has my fish oil, my multi and my Cardio Booster all at a bargain price.

Anyone can slow down the aging process with a little help!


P.S. unlike several others out there who claim to be able to reverse the aging process with potions and pills or “are personally convinced” they have something that works, I spend the time, the money and the energy to verify what works and what does not and I will not tell you something that is not true!

P.S.S. keep an eye out for my upcoming book (co-authored with anti-aging experts Mike Fossel and Greta Blackburn) called “The Immortality Edge”.

To ask questions or find out more about Dr. Dave’s physician-developed,
pharmaceutical-grade health and anti-aging solutions,
just contact Dr. Dave at:

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FAX: (610) 916-3931

Right now heart disease is far and away the number one killer of Americans and many others. But all that is going to change possibly within the next 7 to 10 years. So if you are planning on sticking around that long you need to start paying attention to your immune system.

While some nasty mutant form of the flu is always looming on the horizon, your immune system also plays a role in fighting off other even more common diseases and of course cancer.

It is predicted that by 2020 cancer and infection will be on parity with heart disease as far as killing us off. We will also be living longer, much longer if I have anything to say about it…

So what can you do?

Well recently I wrote you several emails on similar topics.

So as a reminder, take the best multi you can get each and every day.

I hope you are also using a good dose of my fish oil because in addition to saving women from breast cancer, Omega 3’s have scored big with men and prostate cancer. It turns out that high fish consumption led to a decrease in metastatic disease and death rate.

While some nasty mutant form of the flu is always looming on the horizon, your immune system also plays a role in fighting off other even more common diseases and of course cancer.

These findings add some of the preexisting fish oil studies on both of these forms of cancer and the great benefits of fish oil in reducing the risk and reducing the severity of the disease if you get it.

Now the most recent research out of McGill University in the beautiful city of Montreal used fish, not oil, but most scientists now concede that there is no other active ingredient in fish besides Omega 3 (EPA and DHA). In addition when fish are used there are several problems

1) Pollution and its negative effect on the Omega 3’s as seen in the Finnish Heart studies where mercury from fish negated the benefits of the oil.

2) No one knows what fish you should eat because the oil content varies greatly.

3) Not everyone likes oily fish and the non oily kinds are of little or no help.

Bottom line: Take fish oil. Mine is pure, potent and tried and true Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, ready to get you ready for the long and winding and hopefully fun road ahead.