As I lay Dying – Omega 3 and Prostate Cancer

Surely I must be dying

and this must be my last chance to write you in my physical form.

Any further communications you receive from my blogs, emails, personal notes-any further stage presentations or lectures must be coming from my ghost or perhaps an evil impostor trying to steal my identity.

I say this because after reading the most recent “study” directly linking the consumption of fish oil to the risk of prostate cancer, I must surely not be long for this world. And if that weren’t enough every blogger, commentator, and person with an opinion has dutifully parroted back the warnings expressed in the National Cancer Institute study of last week.

“Men do not take fish oil supplements”

Since I have been taking them in excess of 10 grams a day I must surely be riddled with prostate cancer and literally dying as we speak.

Only one problem: I don’t believe a word of it. In addition I think if you follow the advice of the study and the researchers that did it you are more likely to GET Cancer than avoid it. As a matter of fact you are a lot more likely to get Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and a whole host of other diseases associated with a low Omega 3 and obligatorily high Omega 6 levels.

So in my opinion the advice of the National Cancer Institute Study may actually increase your risk of getting cancer or getting some other terrible disease that could be avoided with a higher level of Omega 3 and a lower level of Omega 6.

I hope you can see the irony in an organization that is supposedly designed to help you avoid cancer giving this kind of advice.

Now as to the “why would they do this” I’ll get to that but let’s look at a few things first .

I have said countless times

That the biggest problem with many of the so called studies is they do not look at levels or attempt to get healthy levels of omega 3’s and lower levels of omega 6’s.

This particular study actually did report levels and the results would surprise no one who understands fatty acid biology in humans. The average level of Omega 3 to 6 was about 1/3. In other words these men with prostate cancer were typical of Western men in that they had high levels of inflammatory fats (Omega 6) and low levels of anti-inflammatory Omega 3.  For those of you who have taken my Ideal Omega test these men would be in the 25% or below with healthy being 60% or above. Simply put, if they were supplementing with fish oil they were not taking nearly enough!

At this point I should thank the NCI researchers for proving yet again a low Omega 3 and high Omega 6 is dangerous. The only problem is they went on to state the opposite. The statements were that Omega 6 and foods that contain it including nuts and seeds grains, and the oils that are derived from them are much better for you.

That is an extremely dangerous recommendation if it is interpreted as a free hand to consume large amounts of Omega 6 foods without balancing them with Omega 3 foods or supplements.


Because these foods will drive inflammation up in your body And the one thing that every cancer researcher in the country agrees on is inflammation is bad.

Did I mention the whole grain agenda?

In case you haven’t noticed TV commercials abound extolling the virtues of whole grain. They neglect to mention it’s a wonderful source of inflammatory Omega 6’s.

Read this again please:  Every cancer researcher in the country agrees that inflammation is bad-except apparently some of those working for the National Cancer Institute.

Next another thing I have gone on about ad nauseum is proven by their work even though their conclusions were faulty. Under dosing with fish oil or not eating enough foods with Omega 3 and consuming too much Omega 6 is bad for you. The populations with the lowest Omega 6 and the highest Omega 3 have lowest incidence of most cancers including breast and prostate. They also have the lowest incidence of heart disease.

Speaking of heart disease

Have you noticed that since fish oil is linked to prostate cancer it has all of a sudden become good for your heart! Almost every headline or quote I have seen says while it’s good for your heart it’s bad for your prostate.

What ever happened to all those studies from early 2013 that stated fish oil was bad for your heart. Answer: they were effectively and scientifically refuted. In other words they were wrong and contained bad advice to avoid Omega 3’s for your heart.

Ok now let’s get to some of the “why’s”.

The lead researcher in this recent “fish oil no good for” published a prior study that showed no association between high levels of Omega 3. He was however trying. In this case he was triumphant staying, “we have once again shown that supplements can be dangerous for your health”. As I Pointed out he showed the opposite: under dosing is dangerous for your health but at least you can see the agenda: supplements are bad, unsafe need to be regulated (codex and FDA here we come) and only drugs are proven.

In spite of the recent and abysmal record of Big Pharma to provide safe treatments for sick people, there are many doctors out there who still count on organizations like the NCI for advice. And there are still plenty of doctors out there who are sympathetic to the “supplements are bad and just give you expensive urine” nonsense.

As the Pharmaceutical industry is pounded by legal and advertising issues and they’re profit margins sink in favor of people trying to take control of more of their health by supplementing, eating right, and exercising instead of taking drugs their control over your health and your pocket book is steadily shrinking and trust me, they don’t like it. Studies like this one designed to scare people into compliance with the status quo “Big daddy Pharma and his supporters know best!” are a welcome thing for them.

They will continue, just as the fish oil no good for your heart campaigns will continue.

Here is what you can expect:

In a little while this whole prostate thing will fade away under the continued positive results of Omega 3 at what are called high levels. As you may know what others call high I call normal and healthy.

In a little while there will be some other ” Fish oil no good for….” study that if you know how to analyze data and take the time to read it will simply show what this study showed: low levels of Omega 3 are dangerous and a big risk for Ill health and a lousy future.
The anti-supplement crusade will continue and unscrupulous and uneducated marketers will fuel this fire by making outrageous unsubstantiated claims with absolutely no scientific backing.

In a very short time there will be another scary inflammatory controversial Internet blast of something that is regarded as fact that will be simply opinion or more likely BS. The news media thrives on this and apparently so do human beings because we gobble up sound bites as fact like they were candy – feeding people’s need for emotional stimulation of ANY kind, especially fear. I guess it sells more products.
Speaking of products if you’ve taken this much time out of your sound bite schedule and read this far you probably know I make, take and sell fish oil. I have done so for well over a decade.

If you feel that I am yet another charlatan who is lying cheating and stealing from you by providing biased and wrong information, then you probably believe the conclusions of the NCI study that high Omega 6’s are good and high Omega 3’a are bad. And you’ll probably want to know that you are “safely” ensconced in a highly inflamed state.

There is a simple home test for this

Called Ideal Omega. If you want to be sure you are properly inflamed enough to meet their recommendations for your risk of prostate cancer you really should know your levels.
Conversely if you believe that the past 10+ years of my life of trying to educate the world about healthy levels of Omega 3 actually mean something, you’ll want to know if you are in the healthy range. I have recently completed a pretty large scale sampling of people out there in the real world and will be having a free seminar for people who have completed the test to go over the results.

Sign up to my newsletter here to be notified of the seminar so you can participate from home.

Just remember chances are I will be speaking to you from the afterlife, having been consumed by the prostate cancer that surely must be raging through me this moment as we speak.

I think the authors do the NCI study have done a gigantic disservice to humanity and to people trying to reduce their risk of cancer. I am fairly convinced that it is deliberate grandstanding to get media attention. Sadly it has succeeded to a degree at least for the moment. It makes me truly worried for the future health of people.

Perhaps more worrisome is the uncontrolled emotional frenzy that seems to be par for the course whenever something ” new bad and different ” hits any form of social media.

If we need this to keep us interested in life we may as well be dead!

Stay healthy and learn to educate yourself, because the Internet is a bad place to learn in a lot of cases.


10 thoughts on “As I lay Dying – Omega 3 and Prostate Cancer”

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  6. Well stated Dr. Dave. Always look for the preponderance of evidence not the latest “news” flash. These studies that rely on “one blood” sample cannot be taken seriously.

  7. In my opinion, I felt that the researchers in this study—as well as others they reported on–had a negative bias against nutritional supplements. This wasn’t a double-blind, placebo controlled trial about omega-3s—in fact, we don’t even know if the participants in this study took omega-3s. Instead, the researchers drew a conclusion based on a.2% difference in omega-3s—one that can show association, but not causation.

    1. I certainly agree with that for several specific reasons, James. First, Dr Brasky had done a similar study looking for an association between cancer and Omega 3 in the past and failed. Second, these data did not come from a true “fish oil study”. The were a sub group analysis of the SELECT Trial, which was designed to find an association with cancer and selenium and Vitamin C supplements – that was the original intention and it too failed. Finally, the conclusions: “Once again we have proven supplements are dangerous and, Take more Omega 6’s!. The first is obviously not true even if these data did turn out to be true since it cannot be applied to all supplements. The second will likely give you cancer and was never tested in this study! But we all still have to listen to mostly doctors, making statements like cancer and fish oil could be associated because it might blunt your immune surveillance system. So now we are listening to the uninformed trying to explain the untrue with disproven theories! Dr Dave

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