A Sea of Wanting, A Sea of needing

Someone asked me the other day what it’s like to speak to a large audience about staying young and healthy.

My reply startled her. I said it was like looking out over a sea of wanting and needing.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

I said, “There are so many motivated people who want to know the truth but have been deceived so many times they no longer have faith that something real can be done to improve their futures. Worse, there are always a large group of people who believe conspiracy theories and are angry at the world around them for ruining their lives and those of their loved ones. Always! Rather than focusing on what they can do to help themselves and the ones they love, they live a betrayed angry and dependent life lashing out at all the ‘mistakes’ that have been made by ‘those greedy basxxrds in power’. Problem is they are actually right at least 50% of the time – but it does not solve the problem.

And finally there is the worst case scenario – the people who are so sure they are healthy and doing the right thing they don’t bother to test.”

“Oh, c’mon doc. You lecture to other doctors; there must be some healthy ones!”

“Yes, there are – but you would be shocked to learn this crowd is one of the unhealthiest bunch of people out there. I can’t tell you how embarrassed I was for us as a profession at the last anti-aging conference I attended. So many old, tired looking, fat doctors wallowing around, looking for the magic pill just like everyone else!”

Doctors pride themselves on their scientific knowledge  but most of them don’t know a whit about keeping you younger.  I wrote an email to you quite some time ago about when I was a drug dealer that is as much as anything, an admission of that very same problem.

But then I devoted my life to fixing it.

Hence my comment about wanting and needing. Everyone wants the magic pill but for now the closest thing that is affordable for most is Fish Oil

“OK, Dr Dave; what is missing and what do we really need to do first?”

“You won’t like the answer!” I replied. “It’s not sexy, revolutionary or even all that interesting. You see, the magic pill is actually lifestyle modification – the right diet, the right kinds and amounts of exercise and proper long term sleep habits with some fish oil and a few other things thrown in.”

“Oh Puulllleeez!” she cried, “Not that same old same old again! Besides, I take fish oil every day.”

“How Much?” I queried.  “Two capsules a day most days.”

I am sure she wished she’d never started the conversation at that point because I went on to lecture her about everything you should already know if you’ve been paying attention: 6 grams minimum to get into primary cardiac prevention range, plant-based diets and supplements are lacking and don’t contain or convert to enough EPA, red meat is stigmatized because no one has looked at free range products in studies, and of course the inevitable mention of how well fish oil supports telomeres.

“So you are saying that fish oil in the correct dose is more important even than say, Vitamin D or other vitamins?” she wondered.

“Yup! Start there, get your levels up so all your membranes function properly (cell, mitochondria and nucleus – all membranes that need Omega 3’s) and your receptors for Vitamin D can do their job. Oh, and by the way, get it measured and don’t settle for less than great in this most important level.”

This will go a long way to help you end the wanting and needing of better health, lower body fat, better moods, less joint pain and clearer thinking.

The world’s best fish oil lives here.

And the world’s best [eafl id=”2389″ name=”Omega 3 Stick Test” text=”test for the all-important Omega6/3 ratio’s”] lives out there on the big old internet.

Get on the fish oil for 6 weeks, then do the test and increase your dose if you need to, to get yourself into the “excellent” level.

Your future depends on it!



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