Heaven In A Handbasket!

Today’s email is about a topic I have broached to you many times- perspective.

Over 4 years ago during a severe windstorm my TV cable fell into my yard. I thought about getting it fixed but never actually did. As a result, I stopped watching “mainstream” TV then and have never started again.

I do watch documentaries and have internet capability obviously but I stopped listening to what is being fed to us as “news”.

I became less worried, less focused on things that were beyond my control and less intruded upon by advertisements. The later is the main reason I no longer maintain much of a personal presence on “social” media.

My world at once became happier and smaller and bigger at once. I spent less time on the business of others and more time on what I wanted to achieve in MY LIFE.

I did not concern myself with the latest thing that was supposed to occupy my time, although in many cases I know more than most about things like Covid and the current Ukrainian crisis.*

On that matter have you noticed how quickly the deadliest plague known to man and the thing we should all cower in fear over has taken a back seat to the geopolitical situation. The words World War 3 are even more scary aren’t they.

Overnight and all of a sudden you don’t hear about the viral plague. And what about the worst influenza season ever?!

Now fear not because they are sure to make a massive and in your face fear blast when things settle down in the Caucasus – disease will return as long as commercial time during these broadcasts is lucrative and of course there is a new vaccine ready to sell. But people are tiring of it aren’t they!

That said, going into the fear mongering that has plagues us for the past 2.5 years you might think the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Unless like me your cable fell into your yard before that.

And as for the plight of the world – I beg to differ!

As is often the case the lies manipulation and fear porn of the narcissists that run things high up has been over played and worn out. People are beginning in droves to make decisions for themselves again.

This does not mean you should not be prepared! On the contrary it means you should eschew emotional irrational thinking and be logical about how and where you spend your resources.

Your health and wellness could not be more important. Therefore, I remind you that I make a sterling multi vite that was purpose built to include everything you need to help your body function young and feel young!

It’s easy to allow stress and the bigness of small things (not to imply Ukraine is a small thing!!!) derail you from healthy eating and exercises habits but now it is more important than ever.

I mentioned to you that my reality and thus yours has a lot of moving parts you cannot always anticipate. But you can always take more care of yourself, get the proper nutrients you need and add a little really sensible insurance.

WE have a decent stock of the Multi these days which is something I cannot say for everything due to the “covid induced supply chain crisis”. But something that has been missing and out of stock for about 2 months is also on its way! Experience has taught me not to say anything less cryptic but you can probably guess what our flagship product is!

It won’t be long and then we can really celebrate!

Now as for my stint as a clairvoyant and the “Heaven in a Handbasket” approach. You may think it’s especially polyanna-ish to maintain a positive attitude at this moment. But everything IS going to work out. It’s true there is needless machination and suffering going on but lots of people are waking up to the phony BS and the understanding that we are not really being told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The backlash will be Heavenly!!!! I might gently remind you a few months from now when that happens just to make sure you don’t miss it because it will start in subtle fashion. But keep your chin up, be aware great things are coming from me and for the world in general and pray for those who are suffering because of the actions of a few assholes.

Things are already changing!

Dr Dave

PS I have always maintained one should “do” something about problems rather than simply sit back and say, “Oh isn’t that horrible the world is going to hell in a handbasket!” My latest inventions are being trialed in post covid neuro psych issues as we speak and are helping several people. I hope to have them available to you before Big pharma declares long covid a disease and sells preexisting prescriptions that will only miss the mark.

*Similarly, I am directly (read that again) helping people in Ukraine. Look at all the self-help gurus and supplement phonies out there and see how many are lifting a f-ing finger about either thing. Later this year I will also raise a middle finger to my state medical authorities for their harassment and labeling by recerting in my original discipline of Internal Medicine, something I do not have to do at this moment. Like I always said in the old days, “Others will copy but none compare”. Judge by actions not words! Make lemonade out of lemons….And don’t forget you own health.

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