How to Avoid Falling into This Trap!

And Alternate title for today’s communication could well be The Requirements of a Demanding Time!

Spring is a particularly demanding time for me and I suspect for you as well.

Things explode into growth; summer is just around the corner and of course depending on where you are there are additional impositions by the current state of our ability to interact as humans!

Many if not most of you will have figured out how to get around a lot of those issues but your “To Do” list is probably getting much longer!

A brief summary from me and then let’s talk about you. In addition to everything else that is going on, I will be getting the next batch of Telokynase just in time and as I mentioned a few weeks ago fish oil is on point for a delivery this month (yes, this is indeed later than I was told but its REAL and it is HAPPENING and we will REWARD your patience – that is a promise!).

We launched the Amazing new Hair Growth Serum after 2.5 years of perfecting it to be room temperature stable.

The next coaching class has been updated to include a tier that everyone can afford and launches the 3rd week in May when I return from my next trip abroad.

And as a reminder Telokynase is now in its 3rd iteration and is more potent and more active than ever. My other research continues and without spilling the beans let me say that I am onto a huge physical performance enhancer.

I should also be clear – I am not embarrassed or afraid of being called an “Anti-Aging and Regenerative” medicine doctor. The state of aging as we face it today is in my belief a disease – something that no on should simply “accept as natural”! While aging is indeed a foregone conclusion how you age is NOT!

This is why I do not consider it a natural process in its current state.

You may have also noticed that the focus in almost all media and publication is not on staying healthy but in avoiding disease. This is also a terrible and, in my opinion, deliberate diversionary tactic to keep people from focusing on the real issues of health – prevention, intervention and improvement.

If all you care about is not dying tomorrow your future is already usurped by the powers that be! And if you accept that you can only change your personal aging curve by a few years over your parents’ then by all means do as you are told and don’t change anything.

Not to be negative but the way things are going its not likely you will exceed the longevity of your parents by one iota!

Unless you address one of the root causes of aging: Telomere attrition!

But back to energy (everything I just said takes a lot of energy, no?!)

Slowing down is fine if its for rest and regeneration. But in order to maximize your life, your joy and your effectiveness you have to Stack the Deck in Your Favor.

That is what the Energy Pack is for!

And its important to note it not only helps you not fall into the “increased caffeine” trap that so many people do when the demands of a season or a specific time hit, it can reverse the crashes associated with caffeine. That is the short-term benefit.

The other benefit of the active ingredients, especially the buffered ATP, that has been shown in studies is increased strength, recovery and endurance. This does take 2 to 4 weeks of regular use though- it is not instantaneous.

There is another benefit that is very difficult to measure but I am sure is happening. That is the fueling of your recovery and repair systems and that is bound to be Anti-Aging.

So, whether it’s to prevent caffeine crash, increase your performance and endurance in the gym and the bedroom or to simply prime the repair systems in your body, the Energy Pack is what you need right now to sail through the challenges that need doing instead of just piling up.

That is another trap, letting the pile get bigger for when you have the energy! That trap will make everything feel ultra-urgent and overwhelming!

Don’t fall for it – Power Up Now!

Here’s to a wonderful Spring!

Dr Dave

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