Is it Low T?

As an Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Doc I have done a lot of hormone balancing for both men and women over the years.

Way back in the day at the turn of the century (yes, THIS century) we were assuming but not certain that hormone balance was a true anti-aging therapy. But this was actually well before stem cell biology and Telomeres were understood.

As it turns out like many things in the field, scientific progress has been slower than all of us would have liked. And, Like many things if Big Pharma is not interested then even when there is solid evidence that we can alter the aging curve it is given short shrift for other things. In case you haven’t noticed the word “vaccine” has made a reappearance over the past year and has gone from being vilified to the new savior of humanity.

Scientism at its best!

But that is not to say there has not been tremendous progress in the field of keeping you younger and healthier. It’s just that except for the few people like me out there, it has been overlooked as a priority.

I have mentioned many times that a healthy immune system is the key to overcoming the infectious disease challenges that face us past, present and future.

But hormone balance has also been shown to protect telomeres and improve cellular and metabolic function.

Trouble is that when it fell out of favor in spite of a short but forceful ad campaign. Do you remember “Is it Low T?”

NOW I would never suggest to you that Big Pharma focuses on what sells, after all they have OUR best interests at heart don’t they.

But that impossible reality aside, a really good tell is annual sales volume.

Here are some approximate recent (2020 or forecast 2021) sales:

Testosterone gel: $911 million (if you believe in numerology that is especially telling!)

Statins: $6 billion- and that now relies mostly on doctors “selling” it to their patients.

But when everyone, the CDC, the governments and our beloved bastion of honesty and fairness, the media, etc. gets into the act well, Pfizer alone is forecasting 26 billion in sales for 2021.

But the vaccine is still considered experimental by most!

Hormone therapy has been around for over 50 years and I’ve just made it easy, at least for men!

And in reality, if you consider how long Pine trees have been on the earth (200 million years) then hormone therapy has been available for 199.5 million years longer than the species (us!) that needs it!

Read on and you’ll see what I mean. And as you are reading consider how easy it would be for alphabet agencies to ignore the natural aspects of hormones and ban them completely. Don’t think it couldn’t happen!!!

Super Male MAXX contains the only legal anabolic/androgenic steroid precursor. Because its all natural and an old law has not yet been removed (natural products are generally not regulated since Mother Nature intended them to be there!) you can still boost your male hormone levels. Androstenedione is converted to testosterone while bypassing most of the conversion to estrogen derivatives. Pine pollen contains this hormone naturally and thus far has escaped regulation (although it can be banned in body building circles and certain sports agencies).

This provides an easy once a day answer to boosting the “maleness” of your masculine body.

Increased male hormone levels have been linked to increased muscularity, increased mental acuity, decreased body fat, decreased insulin secretion/blood sugar levels and several other metabolic improvements.

Now you could go see someone like me and get on shots, gels or patches but all of those things are more expensive, and have decidedly concerning side effects.

I am not going to tell you my little supplement is a substitute for all that, but it may be just the thing you need of the full on thing is not your cup of tea, or not what you need.

Super Male Maxx is in its 5th year of keeping men and the women they love happy.

We could all use a little Happiness these days don’t you think!

Keep it Younger!!!

Dr Dave

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