What Would You Call This?

The past week or so I’ve lashed out a bit about phonies, narcissists and BS artists along with wannbe’s who claim fame by association.

I’ve also made no bones about differentiation between marketing hype and packaging all of which hijack the emotional center known as the amygdala and bypass critical thinking.

I’ve also made mention about objectivity and how I use it to quantify my results and improve my supplement design. I have been my own guinea pig for 22 years now.

There is a sexy new term for that called “biohacking”. The problem is if you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground you are usually going to get predictable results.

Try this with your supplements: See if you can actually quantify or at least qualify how much different, better or enhanced you feel when you take them. See if objective data bears that out.

If it doesn’t, skip the fancy metaphysical mumbo jumbo, the sage “thought leaders” who pretend to care about you while they are raking in millions and posing with the real thought leaders.

This is why I do what I do:

I am so EXCITED to have received my test results (attached) for my telomeres after 4 years of taking the Immortality Edge Packs! I have increased from being in the 39% range for my age group to being in the 88% range for my age group. Isn’t that MIRACULOUS? What could possibly happen if I take them another 4 years?!!*

You may be used to seeing these results, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Also, to go along with that, I tested for and received my black belt in Tang Soo Do at the age of 72 last September. I trained with my granddaughter for 6 years (pic attached). It was in no way easy. Certainly, the hardest physical endeavor of my life. I attributed part of my success to the packs, but now I have the test results to prove it.

Jani A.

Used with permission and my personal thanks to Jani who actually took the time to let us know about these fabulous results. Now truth be told they are also walking the walk with lifestyle – not just taking pills. But this is synergy and symbiosis with OBJECTIVE RESULTS!

I’ve said it many times. You can’t hack what I do. You can’t copy what I do and you can’t use mathematical models to improve your life.

Real world is all that should count.

So, what would I call the above? Real world market free BS free SM post fancy jargon and machinery free results that are reproducible.

The Immortality Edge Packs are for real, plain and simple.

From a Simple Anti-Aging Doc who is not afraid to say what he is!


*Another 4 years? You’ll be a baby crawling around in diapers lol – just kidding! Your aim should be to maintain the fabulous results. If things start to flag add in Telokynase.

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