Living in the Past- The New Normal

You may have recognized I use old school album titles a lot in my emails. I find music is often a source of inspiration and quite frankly there is a song about everything. Take for instance my neighbor and fellow guitar slinger Chip’s “3 Chesters in an Elevator!”

But I digress!

The term “New Normal” is already a thing of the past because quite frankly most places I have been recently are returning to the “old normal” much to the chagrin of people who seem to still be trying to convince us they know better.

But don’t feel bad for the powers that be – creating a crisis leaves you only one way to go – up! And in addition is a great source of data for the next one which will surely come albeit in a different form.

But what if YOUR life returned to normal faster and better. Well then you would be in the leading or bleeding edge of the curve and be thriving sooner, better and faster.

In spite of the ridiculous supply chain(ing) issues as far as I know almost all of my readers still have their health. I added the most recent “protective nature of fish oil against Covid” article a day or 2 after our Fish Oil finally came back into stock albeit with white bottle caps!

I can also tell you 2 reasons why there was such a backorder was the demand for my product 5x’d immediately with the hit of Covid in February/March 2020. We literally sold through a year’s supply in 3 months.

I was NOT prepared for that!

Now I knew my readers were smart but that was quite frankly unanticipated. I Thank You sincerely because it means for these past 20 years people actually have been listening.

Oh Yeah, the second reason – pretty much the same as the first, people wanted to restock in big quantities as soon as possible so the back order list grew and grew. A month or so ago I released an email detailing this idea which was actually from several of my customers (That’s a great Idea!).

Now I honestly think we are buffered for a bit but its still a damn good idea given the 2-year shelf life (stored in a cool dark place please!).

I KNOW I am already feeling back to normal – the OLD NORMAL since I’ve been able to crank up my fish oil dose again.

I can promise you now that truth suppression seems to have its own shelf life, we will see some things about the past year we did not anticipate. Example is the increasing and scary side effects lots of people seem to be experiencing from the vaccine. Example 2 is the striking analogy between CFIDS and “long Covid”. My bet is long Covid IS CFIDS brought on by social isolation, wide spread depression and fear – not covid at all but then again what do I know. Although pretty much everything I’ve told you for the past 20 years has come to pass!

Welcome to the New Old Normal!

Stay tuned and sending Love!

Dr Dave

P.S. There is some “Covid induced new normal news” As you may have noticed the price of everything has gone up. It will be impossible to maintain the current pricing on Fish Oil and frankly on any of the other products for long. Again I’d apologize but this one is beyond my control. But for the immediate moment we are holding the line until the Old Normal equilibrates and then we can see the real sequel of the New Normal – everything will cost more and small businesses will be fewer! Then again what do I know!!!lol

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