Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

There are indeed times when I get into controversial areas of health. Anti-aging is one of them.

It’s not that people don’t believe its possible, it’s that they don’t believe it’s possible now.

Way back at the turn of this century when I started writing about anti-aging medicine techniques and tactics, we did not have any information on telomeres. Stem cells were at best a research tool.

And believe it or not back then Fish Oil was still lunatic fringe and barely looked at.

That was then and this is now. 18 years later there is a wealth of information about longevity, aging, stem cells and telomeres/telomerase.

As this information was developed it came to pass that both fish oil and a solid multi vite were likely to lengthen or at least stabilize telomeres. I wrote about this for several years and postulated it was because the telomere was very susceptible to oxidation (free radical) and fish oil and the compounds in the multi help nullify that effect at the most important time: cellular replication.

Just a few weeks ago this mechanism was scientifically confirmed pretty much exactly as I stated.

A few years ago, people began looking at mitochondrial health and telomeres. I stated that the mitochondria were critically important as an epigenetic signal in retrograde fashion for DNA and specifically telomere length. Since then, several articles have confirmed that albeit in strictly animal models except where there is documented Ubiquinone deficiency in specific diseases. Those studies were done in people.

Somewhere in that mélange of information, I modified the Daily Dose Pack to include Fish Oil, Young Life Daily Multi and Toco Q the Ubiquinone/tocotrienol (itself a telomere support agent).

Now none of these are the tried-and-true telomerase activator that is Telokynase but there are a ton of other health related reasons to be on that combination daily which I’ve covered over the years.

So, whether you are certain as I am that anti-aging and regeneration are real and here right now, or you think its time has not yet come or even it should not ever come to pass, the Daily Dose Pack has something for everyone. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Stay Young, Stay Well, Stay Strong!

Dr Dave

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